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Truly Unlimited Movies

Regal Unlimited is the only truly unlimited movie subscription pass. It enables the most passionate movie fans to spend as much time as possible in their favorite place—the theatre. For less than the cost of two tickets a month, you’ll see as many 2D movies as you want, as many times as you want, whenever you want!  

But Unlimited offers more than just a way to see more movies; It also gives you an excellent theatre experience. Discounts ensure you never have to debate on whether to get snacks. You earn rewards just by being a member. And you receive exclusive opportunities to see movies early.

When you’re ready to spend as much time as you want in the best place to watch a movie, sign up below.

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See Everything with Regal Unlimited

See any 2D movie in a standard format any time you want. It’s really that simple. There are no blackout dates and no limits to how many movies you can see in a day. 

This means no more deciding which movies you’ll see in theatres and which movies you’ll settle for watching at home. You can see everything that interests you on the big screen with no worries. There’s no risk, because the ticket is already paid for! 

What if you want to watch a movie in a premium format like 4DX, IMAX, RPX, or ScreenX? You can use Unlimited, you’ll just pay a surcharge to cover the difference in ticket price.


Exclusive Perks for the Most Passionate Moviegoers

This is more than just an unlimited movie pass; it’s your passport to the best experience Regal has to offer. You’ll enjoy discounts, rewards, and access to special events and exclusive screenings. 

Unlimited perks include:

  • See any movie anytime
  • 10% off of all non-alcoholic food and drinks
  • A free large popcorn and soft drink gifted to you on your birthday
  • Early access to new movies with Regal Unlimited Screenings
  • Opportunities to bring a friend for free to select showings


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Upgrade Your Regal Crown Club Membership

Unlimited is also a big improvement to your Regal Crown Club membership. In addition to earning 100 credits for every dollar spent in a Regal theatre, you’ll earn credits from your subscription and convenience fees. 

You can use those credits in the Regal Crown Club store to purchase popcorn, movie tickets, movie-themed merchandise, and more. Even if you don’t buy anything else, your membership fees alone will earn you enough credits for an art print every month. 



Regal Crown Club

Regal Unlimited

Concessions Discount



Birthday Gift

Small Popcorn

Large Popcorn & Drink

Discount Tuesday

Unlimited Tickets


Unlimited Early Access Screenings


Credits Per Dollar Spent





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Movie Subscription Plans

When you sign up, you can commit to either a 3-month or 12-month subscription. You can either pay for the full commitment all at once or pay monthly. After the end of your commitment, you will convert to a month to month subscription.

Unlimited Program Rules


Regal Unlimited Pricing:

Subscription Plans

Number of Theatres


Regal Unlimited

Over 200


Regal Unlimited Plus

Over 400


Regal Unlimited All Access

All 450+ Theatres


*Prices do not include tax.

Your tier is determined by the ticket prices at your primary theatre. If you attend a theatre in a higher tier, you’ll pay a surcharge of $1.50 to $3 per ticket to offset the price difference.

Find Unlimited Theatres

How to Join

You can sign up for Unlimited either online or in the Regal App. Follow the instructions for your preferred method below. After customizing your subscription, you’ll choose to pay in full or monthly with your debit or credit card.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to use the Regal App to use your benefits and to get tickets online or at the theatre.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can watch any movie as many times as you want. If a new movie drops and you want to show up to the first showing and watch one showtime after another until we close, you can do that. (As long as the showtimes are at least 90 minutes apart.)
Well, you are paying a monthly fee. But any 2D, regular format movie you see after your second one in a month is essentially free!
Your Unlimited tier comes down to what theatre you attend the most. Fees are based on the ticket price of your primary theatre. When you sign up for Unlimited, we will automatically select a plan that works with your primary theatre.
Yes! If you see two movies a month, it pays for itself. And that’s before you consider the discounts on concessions and convenience fees, and the other program perks.
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Give the Gift of Endless Movies

A Regal Unlimited membership is the perfect gift for any movie lover. Send them a Regal Unlimited eGift card and they’ll receive access to all of the perks and savings the program has to offer while they watch as many movies as they want. You can send either a one-year or a three-month subscription.

Gift 1 Year     Gift 3 Months


Sign Up in the App

1 Open or download the free Regal App.
2 Tap any Regal Unlimited™ banner at the top of the app screen.
3 Tap the “Sign up” button and follow the steps to customize your unlimited subscription.


Sign Up Online

1 Go to the Regal Unlimited sign up page
2 From there, you’ll either login to your Crown Club account or create an account if you don’t have one. 
3 Once you’re signed in, follow the instructions to upgrade your Crown Club account to Unlimited!