Regal Dine-In Theatres

Photo of Regal Cinnebarre West Town Mall lobby


Dinner at the Movies

At Regal’s dine-in theatres, you can get the classic dinner-and-a-movie night out without the hassle of traveling to multiple destinations. Our Cinebarre and Warren locations combine the restaurant and theatre experience to give you the best of both worlds. Order a delicious meal and have it served to you in the comfort of your theatre seat while you watch your movie. Learn more about this unique moviegoing experience and find a dine-in theatre near you.

What’s On the Menu

Enjoy a full menu of food options alongside your movie. Dine-in cinemas offer premium snacks as well as food like burgers, wings, pizzas, and salads. Choose from a wide selection of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, floats, and milkshakes. Finish your meal with a dessert like cheesecake or a sundae. It’s everything you would expect in a restaurant from the convenience of your theatre seat.

Cinebarre and Warren Menu

What to Expect

Both our Cinebarre and Warren locations offer the same dining menu. However, Warren theatres also have a regular concession stand if you would prefer something from the standard menu. (At this time, Warren West and Warren Midwest do not have dine-in options.)

Plan to arrive early to make your selection and give our cooks time to prepare your meal. Once you take your seat in the theatre, a server will come to greet you and take your order. All dishes are cooked to order, so you can expect 20 to 30 minutes for preparation. Once your food is ready, your server will bring it straight to your seat.

Cinebarre Locations Near You

Click on the state abbreviations above to find the Regal locations in that state.


City Theatre Name
Englewood Regal Greenwood Plaza
Louisville Regal Cinebarre Boulder


North Carolina

City Theatre Name
Charlotte Regal Cinebarre Arboretum


City Theatre Name
Salem Regal Cinebarre Movieland


City Theatre Name
Knoxville Regal Cinebarre West Town Mall


City Theatre Name
Mountlake Terrace Regal Cinebarre Mountlake



Warren Locations Near You

Click on the state abbreviations above to find the Regal locations in that state.


City Theatre Name
Wichita Regal Warren East
Wichita Regal Warren Old Town
Wichita Regal Warren West


City Theatre Name
Broken Arrow Regal Warren Broken Arrow
Moore Regal Warren Moore