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You be the Church — We’ll be the Building

Regal Theatre Church offers a great solution to church planters looking for a building and expert guidance from experienced church staff. Movie theatres provide a familiar space with the perfect design for hosting a group of people. They can reduce the time you spend on maintenance and set-up tasks, freeing you up to focus on your congregation. You be the Church — we’ll be the building.

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“Working with Regal Theaters has been an amazing privilege for us.  We get high quality facilities, parking and a wonderful partner at a fraction of the cost. More importantly, it places us at the intersection of people's lives.” - Milton Campbell, Pastor at Midtown Bridge Church in Atlanta


The Perfect Space for Planting Churches

One of the biggest hurdles in planting a church is figuring out where to gather. Regal theatres are designed to bring people together with a common purpose and focus. This makes them a perfect space to host a worship gathering.

Our auditoriums have comfortable stadium seating positioned to give each person a great view of the screen and an ideal experience of the room’s acoustics. A single theatre includes a variety of auditorium sizes, making it easy to scale the space to expected attendance and quickly adapt to growth. Additional auditoriums and party rooms are perfect for children’s ministry.

All of the amenities people expect in a church building already exist in our theatres. Ample parking ensures that guests will easily find a space. They’ll enter spacious lobbies where your community can connect between services and build relationships. And multiple bathrooms can accommodate crowds of any size.


Strike Building Maintenance from the To-do List

A church planter has no shortage of regular tasks to complete, especially in the early stages of planting. Whether you start out on your own or with a small team, it’s great to be able to focus more on your congregation and less on your building. If you gather in a Regal theatre, you don’t have to worry about wiring or plumbing or the hundreds of other things that go into maintaining a building. You don’t even have to spend time setting up and tearing down chairs, because they’re always set up and ready for you!


Recognizable Rhythms

Regal theatres are recognizable gathering spots in the community. People will find familiarity in the moviegoing rhythm of entering a theatre, tuning out distractions, and engaging a powerful story with a group of people, even if they have little experience attending churches. This comfortable and familiar environment is a great place for you to meet people where they’re at.


“For over a decade we have enjoyed gathering at our local Regal which is a crossroad in our community that permits us to gather in worship each Sunday and go out in service during the week.” - Mike Merker, Sr. Pastor at Jordan Lutheran


Simple Satellite Campuses and Relocations

All of the amenities that make Regal theatres a great option for church plants also work well for satellite campuses, multisite churches, and relocations. Additionally, some of our theatres are equipped with technology that makes it easy to livestream to multiple sites. This simplifies the process of starting satellite campuses.


Expert Guidance

Each consultant on the Regal Theatre Church team has experience planting churches in theatres. Rather than figuring it out on your own, you can expect support from someone who has been where you are.

Your theatre church consultant supports you throughout your entire rental agreement on everything from site selection, portable church equipment, and children’s ministry design, to outreach and marketing ideas, multi-site strategies, and technology. Regal Theatre Church is the known expert in creating a great church experience in the movie theatre.


“Regal has been the perfect place for us to launch our church. It’s comfortable and familiar for our guests. It’s a fun and exciting environment for our kids and families. And the staff have been great partners in allowing us to make the most of a Theater Church experience. We feel like they’re part of our church community too!” - Brandon Baldwin, Co-Lead Pastor at New Community Church


Getting Started

So, how do you get started with Regal Theatre Church? You’ll submit a form and an experienced theatre church consultant will reach out to you. They’ll discuss your church’s culture and goals and help you decide if a Regal theatre is the right venue for you. If it is, you’ll tour our facilities and then discuss next steps.

Start by filling out a request form, and a theatre church consultant will reach out to you soon.

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