Regal Crown Club Program Details

Rewarding your Love of Movies!

Regal Crown Club Card

Earn Credits

Earn 100 credits for every dollar spent on tickets and concessions.

Enjoy unlimited credits, and more frequent guests can earn bonus credits each visit!

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Image of movie ticket, soft drink, and bag of popcorn with regal logo.

Choose Rewards

Spend the credits you earn on the rewards you want!

Choose free movies & concessions at the theatre or load them to your card in our App or online.

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Earn Rewards

Faster Enjoy UNLIMITED CREDITS! Get 100 CREDITS for every dollar spent at the box office AND concessions.

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Extra Discounts & Offers

Download our app and sign up for discounts and offers delivered via text message right to your phone at

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The More You Visit the More You Earn*

Introducing the CROWN JEWEL bonus program! Regal Crown Club already rewards your love of movies. Now earn rewards even faster by visiting more frequently. *A ticket must be purchased for a visit to qualify. Bonus credits are awarded only once per day.

6+ visits per year

Receive 250 bonus credits every visit.


10+ visits per year

Receive 500 bonus credits every visit.

20+ visits per year

Receive 1000 bonus credits every visit.

REWARDS MENU - In The Regal App or Online

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Small popcorn bag with Regal logo
Small Popcorn

6000 credits
excluding specialty popcorn and zap packs

Small soft drink with Regal Logo
Small Soft Drink

7,000 credits
excluding frozen or bottled beverages

Movie ticket
2D Movie Ticket

18,000 credits
"no pass" showtimes

popcorn bag inside popcorn bucket - popcorn upsize
Popcorn Upsize

2,000 credits
excluding specilaty popcorn and zap packs

Small cup in large cup - Soft Drink upsize.
Soft Drink Upsize 

1,500 credits 
excluding frozen or bottle beverages


REWARDS MENU - In Theatres at the Box Office


Small Popcorn

7,000 credits

Small popcorn bag with Regal logo
Small Soft Drink 

8,000 credits 
excluding frozen or bottled beverages

Small soft drink with Regal Logo
2D Movie Ticket 

20,000 credits 
excluding "no pass" showtimes

Movie ticket