Regal Crown Club Program Details


Regal Crown Club Rewards Your Love of Movies!

Join the Regal Crown Club and get rewards just for going out to the movies! Every time you make a purchase at a Regal theatre, you’ll earn credits. Use those credits to get movie-themed merchandise, upgrades to your theatre experience, and more! And Regal Crown Club is completely free, so it’s no cost and all reward!

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Earn Credits to Get Movie Rewards

When you join Regal Crown Club, you’ll earn 100 credits for every dollar you spend on tickets and concessions. Our Reward Store features a variety of items to spend your credits on. Add to your theatre experience with free concessions and upsizes. Decorate your space with posters, art prints, and unique movie merch. Enter sweepstakes for incredible prize packs or trips. And we’re always adding something new to the rewards store!



Member Exclusive Deals

Members enjoy exclusive access to the best moviegoing deals we have to offer. On Mondays, you’ll enjoy 25% off of candy and on Tuesdays you’ll get 50% off of popcorn. Every Tuesday, attend Regal’s Value Days to get tickets to any regular format movie for a discounted price. While you earn rewards, you’ll also save money. 


Visit More, Earn More

With the Crown Jewel bonus program, you get even more credits for visiting more frequently. Every time you visit and buy a ticket to a unique showtime, Regal Crown Club will track those visits. As your number of visits increases, your Crown Jewel level will increase and you’ll earn bonus credits each day you visit. 

  • Emerald: After 6+ visits per year, receive 250 bonus credits.

  • Ruby: After 10+ visits per year, receive 500 bonus credits.

  • Diamond: After 20+ visits per year, receive 1,000 bonus credits. 

Start Earning Rewards Today


Take it to the next level! When you upgrade your Regal Crown Club membership to Regal Unlimited, not only will you get access to unlimited movies, but you’ll also earn more credits.

Rewards Menu

Use your points for concessions upgrades, movie tickets, exclusize prizes. Check out the Regal Crown Club store for more rewards and offers!

Redeemable Online or In-App

Regal Crown Club Rewards in the Regal App or online: sweepstakes & digital downloads
More Choices!

digital downloads
and more

Regal Crown Club Rewards in the Regal App or online: soft drink upsize for 1500 credits
Soft Drink Upsize 

1,500 credits 
excluding frozen or bottle beverages

Regal Crown Club Rewards in the Regal App or online: popcorn upsize for 2000 credits
Popcorn Upsize

2,000 credits
excluding specialty popcorn and zap packs

Regal Crown Club Rewards in the Regal App or online: 2D movie ticket
2D Movie Ticket

18,000 credits
"no pass" showtimes