Regal’s Lionsgate Movie Bonus

Lionsgate Movie Rewards - See these four movies for extra crown club credits, free popcorn and possibly free movie downloads.

Exclusive Offer

See these Lionsgate Movies and earn bonus rewards with Regal Crown Club!

Members that see multiple movies from this set of Lionsgate Films will receive additional rewards and bonuses. To receive bonuses, you must be a member of the Regal Crown Club. Not a member of the Regal Crown Club? Register your existing card or join for free now!

Bonuses Include:*

  • See two of these films and receive 1000 extra credits*
  • See any three of these films and receive an additional 1000 credits and a free small popcorn.*
  • See all four of these films on or before 12/19/19 and receive 1000 extra credits PLUS a digital copy of all four of these films.**


  • Jexi movie poster
    Release Date: Oct. 11, 2019
  • Midway
    Release Date: Nov. 8, 2019

Members must use their Regal Crown Club card when purchasing tickets to these films to qualify for the bonuses. Allow up to 48 hours for delivery of extra credits and loaded-to-card free small popcorn reward.

** Must see all four films before receiving the digital copies. Digital movie rewards will be delivered within two weeks of each movie's home entertainment release but no sooner than 12/20/19. Some titles may not be available immediately upon completion of the program but will be delivered when made available in that format. Codes are delivered via Crown Club email. Members must be subscribed to Regal Crown Club emails to receive this reward.

May be required to sign up for a third-party account to host digital download. Redemption retailer accounts required. Subject to Lionsgate and the redemption retailers’ full terms and conditions and privacy policies. Valid in the U.S. only. Not compatible with all devices. Compatible devices subject to change at any time. Lionsgate and its parent, affiliated, and subsidiary companies and licensees make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the digital copy and disclaim any and all such warranties. Neither Lionsgate nor Regal are responsible for maintaining redemption retailers' services.