Regal Crown Club Rules

Welcome back to Regal theatres! Any Crown Club credits, rewards (including birthday rewards) or Jewel Statuses that expired while our theatres were closed were restored to your Crown Club account prior to the reopening of your home theatre (“Home Theatre Reopening Date”). Notwithstanding Section C.6 below, all credits and rewards earned prior to January 1, 2021 (including the credits and rewards restored to your Crown Club account) will expire on December 23, 2021. (Example:  If you earned credits on December 27, 2020, those credits will expire as of December 23, 2021.) If you had a birthday during the latest closure, your birthday reward was loaded directly to your Club Card prior to your Home Theatre Reopening Date and is valid for 30 days. Your Crown Jewel status has been extended by one year from your Home Theatre Reopening Date.

The following terms and conditions (as amended from time to time, the "Club Rules") apply to Regal Entertainment Group’s ("Regal") customer loyalty program (the "Crown Club"). Crown Club members ("you""your", or "Member") can earn credits when purchasing admission tickets (at the box office, at in-theatre kiosks, via the Regal Mobile App (the "App") or online) for and concessions at Regal theatres listed here (each, a "Participating Theatre") and can redeem such credits for rewards such as admission tickets, concessions, and movie merchandise.

You must comply with the Club Rules. Regal reserves the right to modify the Club Rules, or any aspect of the Crown Club, at any time without notice to you, so it is important to periodically check the Club Rules. Participation in the Crown Club is considered acceptance of the Club Rules and all subsequent modifications, updates, and notices related thereto. Crown Club membership ("Membership") and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of Regal. If, at any time, you do not accept the Club Rules or become dissatisfied with the Crown Club, your sole remedy is to terminate your Membership. Please review Regal’s FAQsTerms of Service and Privacy Policy for additional information.

Regal now also offers the Unlimited Subscription Program (“Subscription Program”), a membership tier of the Crown Club which is subject to separate terms and conditions. Sign up for a Subscription Program membership, pay a subscription fee (monthly or annual – your choice), and watch as many movies as you like at any participating Regal theatre. For more information, please see the Subscription Program rules at and the Subscription Program FAQs at

A. Eligibility and Enrollment

  1. Eligibility. Membership is open to individuals 13 years of age and older who reside in the United States, Guam, Saipan, or American Samoa; provided, however, the following persons are not eligible for Membership: corporations, partnerships, and any other business entities, associations, or groups. Any other exclusion from Membership will be at the sole discretion of Regal.

  2. How to Enroll. There is no fee to enroll in the Crown Club and obtain a Membership card. If you are eligible for Membership, you can enroll in the Crown Club by:

    1. downloading the App here on a smartphone or tablet, signing up for a virtual Crown Club card through the App, and registering the virtual card via the App; or
    2. navigating here, clicking the box next to “I don’t have a card, assign me a virtual one,” and registering for a Crown Club account.

    In each case, a confirmation e-mail message will be sent by Regal to the e-mail address you provide during enrollment. You must confirm such e-mail address by clicking the “Confirm E-mail” button or the link provided in the confirmation e-mail to complete registration. You must complete registration in order to enjoy certain benefits of Membership, including the ability to redeem credits.

  3. Notice of Ineligibility. If you become ineligible for Membership, you must provide notice of such ineligibility to Regal here and cease using your Crown Club card (a physical card or a virtual card, a “Club Card”) and Membership immediately.

B. Club Cards and Crown Club Accounts

  1. General.
    1. Club Cards, credits and rewards are nontransferable and may be used only by the Crown Club account holder.
    2. Membership is limited to 1 account per person.
    3. Duplicate Club Cards are not available, but your friends and family members may share a Club Card or Crown Club account.
  2. Responsibility for Unauthorized Use.
    1. You are responsible for ensuring the security of your Club Card, log-in credentials and account information. If you do not want another person to use your Club Card or account, do not share your Club Card, log-in credentials or account information with that person.
    2. Regal has no obligation to reimburse any credits that are spent pursuant to, and is not responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of, any unauthorized use of your Club Card, log-in credentials or other account information.
    3. You should change your password regularly to ensure security of your account and follow these guidelines when choosing a password: (a) use at least eight characters, (b) use special characters (e.g., #; $; &; *; @), and (c) use a combination of upper case and lower case letters.
  3. Lost or Stolen Club Cards. You are responsible for promptly informing Regal if your Club Card is lost or stolen by notifying a Regal customer service representative at a Participating Theatre.
  4. Account Information. All information that you provide to Regal in connection with your enrollment and participation in the Crown Club must be true, accurate, current, and complete. You are responsible for updating your account information so that it remains true, accurate, current, and complete at all times.
  5. Account Verification. Participating Theatre staff reserve the right to require that you present a photo ID for verification of your Membership.

C. General Information Regarding Credits

  1. Where to Find Your Credits. Credits earned for a purchase and your total credits balance can each be found on the App, at an in-theater kiosk, online here, or at the customer service desk of a Participating Theatre.
  2. Credit Caps. There is no cap on (i) how many credits you may earn in total or (ii) how many credits you may earn in a single day.
  3. Credit Restrictions.
    1. Credits do not constitute property of any Member and have no value outside of the Crown Club.
    2. Credits may be rescinded by Regal at any time as set forth herein.
    3. Credits and rewards have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash (unless required by applicable law), and may not be bought, sold, assigned, bartered, or transferred except as expressly set forth herein.
  4. Rescindment. In the event that purchases are refunded, Regal may rescind credits earned via such purchases in its sole discretion.
  5. Posting to Account. Please allow up to 72 hours for Crown Club credits to post to your Membership account.

    Example: If you earn credits on October 1, 2021, those credits will expire as of October 1, 2022..

    Example: If you earned credits on December 27, 2020, those credits will expire as of December 23, 2021.

D. Earning Credits

  1. General.
    1. Only one Club Card may be used to earn credits for a purchase.
    2. You earn 100 credits for every $1.00 spent on (a) admission tickets or concessions at Participating Theatres by presenting your Club Card, Club Card number or phone number attached to your Crown Club account to the cashier at the time of purchase; (b) admission tickets purchased online via the App, through Regal’s website, or through,, or another online third-party ticket retailer approved by Regal in its sole discretion by entering your Club Card number during the transaction; and (c) admission tickets at in-theatre kiosks by swiping your Club Card or entering your Club Card number at the kiosk.
    3. Extra credits may be earned during special promotions (e.g., linking your Crown Club account with Facebook or Twitter), which may be set forth in your Crown Club account homepage accessed via Regal’s website, and if you have a Jewel Status (please see Section F below for information about Jewel Statuses).
    4. You may also earn credits for certain purchases in connection with the Subscription Program. Please see Section B.4 of the Subscription Program rules at for more information. Restrictions may apply.
    Example: Transaction Total = $7.50; Credits Earned = 750.
  2. Restrictions.
    1. You do not earn credits for:
      • purchasing alcohol;
      • redeeming complimentary passes or emergency tickets;
      • payments made to Regal for Group Sales ticket packages (i.e., a booking in advance of 25 tickets or more via Regal’s online Event Request Form or by calling 1-800-792-8244), including private screenings, or birthday party service fees (but note that if you simply purchase tickets for a group at full price at the box office, at in-theatre kiosks or online, you will receive credits for that purchase);
      • purchasing gift cards, Super Saver tickets (e.g., “Premiere Movie Ticket”; “VIP” ticket; “Ultimate Movie Pack” ticket) or tickets to Regal’s Summer Movie Express program, or sponsorship of Regal's Summer Movie Express program; or
      • convenience fees charged by online third-party ticket retailers.
    2. However, you do earn credits when redeeming physical gift cards or e-gift cards (including any Regal gift card included in the “Ultimate Movie Pack”) for admission tickets or concessions, or when redeeming Super Saver tickets at the box office for admission tickets. Each redemption described in this paragraph is a Qualifying Purchase (as defined in Section H.1(iii) below).
  3. Credit Adjustments. If it appears that credits were incorrectly calculated for a purchase, you must request a credit adjustment from customer service at the Participating Theatre at which the purchase occurred (or, if the purchase was made online, the Participating Theatre for which the admission ticket was purchased) within seven days of the purchase. Regal reserves the right to require proof of accrual of such credits from you, including but not limited to copies of receipts or similar documentation verifying any transactions claimed to have been performed.
  4. Credit Claim Codes. The receipt you receive for a purchase made after April 1, 2017 will include a printed credit claim code which may permit you to receive credits for that purchase, provided that if you were not a Member at the time of purchase, you will need to enroll in the Crown Club before the credit claim code can be processed. Please allow 24 hours for the credits to appear in your account. A credit claim code is valid only for seven days after the date of the applicable purchase. For any transaction date, you may not redeem more than one credit claim code for purchases made at the box office or more than one credit claim code for purchases made at the concession stand. You may submit up to a total of two credit claim codes each day. For credit claim codes worth more than 10,000 credits, please contact Regal. For additional information about credit claim codes, please navigate here.

E. Redeeming Credits

  1. Redemption Methods. There are three ways to use your credits to obtain rewards:
    1. Rewards Center: Regal’s Rewards Center offers a wide array of exciting rewards, including concessions, admission tickets, sweepstakes entries, posters, apparel and merchandise. Simply log in to the App, click “Redeem Credits” and then click “Shop Online,” or log in here and click “Redeem Credits.” Then, choose your rewards by adding items to your shopping cart and then check out! The “cost” (in credits) of the reward will be deducted from your credit balance.
    2. App: Certain rewards (e.g., admission tickets; certain concessions rewards (including upsize vouchers)) are available directly via the App (rather than shopping online in the Rewards Center). Simply log in to the App, click “Redeem Credits” and then click “Use My Credits” under the desired reward and follow the instructions.
    3. Point of Sale: Certain rewards (e.g., admission tickets; certain concessions rewards (including drink and popcorn upsizes)) are available at the box office or concession stand of Participating Theatres.
  2. Restrictions on Redemption.
    1. Credits can only be redeemed for items available in the online Rewards Center catalog at the time of redemption.
    2. The full credit balance required for the selected reward must be available in your account at the time your order is placed.
    3. Credits may not be redeemed for alcohol.
  3. Credit Value Differences. Rewards may have different credit redemption values online (i.e., in the Rewards Center or on the App) versus in-theatre (e.g., the “cost” of a reward may be less if credits are redeemed for such reward via the Rewards Center or the App rather than at the box office or concession stand). Please navigate here for credit redemption values online and in-theatre for certain rewards.
  4. Change in Credit Values. Credit values assigned to any reward are subject to change from time to time in Regal’s sole discretion without prior notice.

F. Crown Jewel Bonus Program

  1. General. You earn one "Visit" by using your Club Card, Club Card number or phone number attached to your Crown Club account when (a) purchasing admissions tickets (including “Regal Value Days” tickets) to a movie at a unique show time (including online or by using a physical Regal gift card, a Regal e-gift card or a third-party gift card (e.g., from;;, (b) redeeming a Super Saver ticket (e.g., “Premiere Movie Ticket”; “VIP” ticket; “Ultimate Movie Pack” ticket) at a Participating Theatre box office, or (c) using a complimentary pass or emergency ticket provided by Regal. Visits accrue on the date of such purchase, redemption or use. For additional information about earning Visits, please navigate here.
  2. Bonus Credits. If you earn a Visit to a Participating Theatre, you will earn 250 bonus credits if you have Emerald Status, 500 bonus credits if you have Ruby Status, or 1,000 bonus credits if you have Diamond Status, provided that such bonus credits will only be awarded once daily. For additional information about earning bonus credits, please navigate here.
  3. Restrictions. There is no limit on how many Visits you may earn in a day, but bonus credits given for Visits are awarded only once daily (e.g., if you “Visit” a Participating Theatre three times in one day, and you are a Diamond Status Member, you will receive 1,000 bonus credits). You will not earn a Visit for any reservation or admission ticket obtained with a Subscription Program pass.
  4. Earning Jewel Statuses. Jewel Statuses are earned by making Visits to Participating Theatres. You achieve Emerald Status (and begin to receive Emerald Status bonus credits) upon the sixth Visit, Ruby Status (and begin to receive Ruby Status bonus credits) upon the tenth Visit, and Diamond Status (and begin to receive Diamond Status bonus credits) upon the twentieth Visit. Once a status is achieved, you maintain this status for 12 months, but you are able to move to a higher status with additional Visits, which status you would then maintain for 12 months.
  5. Determining Jewel Statuses. After 12 months at a Jewel Status, you will be placed at a Jewel Status calculated based upon the number of Visits you earned during such 12-month period. For example, if you reach Ruby Status and then earn only four Visits during the 12 months during which you are at Ruby Status, then, at the end of such 12-month period, you will be deemed to have four Visits and will need two more to achieve Emerald Status (which you would then maintain for 12 months unless you move to a higher status with additional Visits).

G. Rewards

  1. General. All rewards are subject to availability. You cannot redeem credits for or purchase rewards until your Club Card is registered.
  2. Redemption and Payment. You can obtain certain rewards by redeeming credits or by purchasing such rewards in the Rewards Center (rewards prices quoted and payable in U.S. dollars). Regal accepts a variety of payment methods, including most major credit cards issued in the United States. Rewards prices are subject to change from time to time in Regal’s sole discretion without prior notice. You hereby expressly agree that Regal is authorized to charge you applicable purchase and service fees, taxes, duties and any other charges in connection with your purchase.
  3. Delivery of Rewards. There are three possible delivery methods:
    1. Physically-shipped rewards like movie posters and other merchandise ("Merchandise") will be mailed to the shipping address you provide when you checkout from the Rewards Center.
    2. Rewards like popcorn, drinks, concessions upsize vouchers and admission tickets are automatically loaded onto your Club Card.
    3. Items designated as “Digitally Delivered” will be provided to you by email to the email address associated with your Crown Club account, which email will contain a unique code and redemption instructions. Simply follow the redemption instructions and use the provided code to receive your reward.
  4. Sweepstakes. The Rewards Center may also offer you the opportunity to use credits to obtain sweepstakes entries. Please refer to the official rules and restrictions for each individual sweepstakes in the sweepstakes reward description or here.
  5. Admission Tickets. Admission ticket rewards loaded to a Club Card are for single admissions to a non-restricted 2D movie at a Participating Theatre box office and are not valid for online ticket purchases. Premium upgrades such as premium seating and IMAX, RPX, 4DX, ScreenX, VIP and 3D may be available at the box office at additional cost.
    1. Some movies are “No Pass,” meaning that Regal cannot accept free ticket passes (including admission ticket rewards earned by redeeming credits) during the first few weeks of a movie’s theatrical release. Please contact your local Participating Theatre directly if you have questions about whether your pass or reward is valid for a particular movie and show time.
    2. Admission ticket rewards may incur a surcharge fee.
  6. Upsizing. You may upsize a popcorn or drink reward, but you must pay the difference in price between the popcorn or drink size indicated by the reward and the desired upsized popcorn or drink size. A popcorn or drink reward cannot be upsized by using a “Free Upsize” coupon or reward.
  7. Shipping and Handling. You will be responsible for payment with a valid credit card of all shipping and handling costs for any Merchandise you purchase or for which you redeem credits. For additional information about shipping and handling, please see Regal’s shipping policy here.
  8. Refunds and Returns. For information about refunds and returns, including deadlines, please see Regal’s Refund & Return Policy here.
  9. Expiration of Rewards. Certain rewards are valid only until the expiration date indicated in the reward details. Please review reward details (by clicking on the image of the item or the blue “View Details” button in the Rewards Center) before purchasing any reward. Drink and popcorn rewards generally expire 60 days after redemption and movie rewards generally expire 90 days after redemption. Special limited time surprise offers may have a shorter redemption window.
  10. Disclaimers.
    1. Regal or its suppliers may ship partial shipments of any Merchandise in Regal’s sole discretion. Regal is not responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. Regal does not provide shipping insurance on items unless specified in the item description.
    2. Regal is under no obligation to provide notice of any delay of any shipment or delivery. Any estimate of shipping or delivery windows or dates shall not be binding or create any representation or warranty by or obligation of Regal or any of its suppliers.
    3. Regal is not responsible for any technical issues that prevent you from accessing or redeeming any reward or receiving any e-mail notification.
    4. Regal does not offer warranties on any rewards unless specified in the item description.
    5. Digitally-delivered items and rewards loaded onto a Club Card are provided “AS IS.”
    6. Regal is not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, mutilated, incomplete, or illegible returns of Merchandise or Digital Rewards, including for any refusal to provide a refund or accept a return that may result from such nonconforming returns.
    7. Regal reserves the right to reject, cancel or invalidate any rewards order if, in Regal’s sole discretion, it cannot fulfill the order for any reason or the reward’s cost (in credits or U.S. dollars) is mismarked.

H. Termination of Membership

  1. General.
    1. Regal may terminate or suspend your Membership at any time, for any reason, without liability to you. In such case, your Membership will be terminated or suspended 45 days after notice to you. Upon your death, your Membership will terminate immediately.
    2. (ii)    Regal reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to rescind credits and rewards and/or terminate your Membership immediately and without notice if (a) in the sole judgment of Regal, you (I) violate the Club Rules or the Terms of Service for Regal’s website and App, (II) engage in any fraud or abuse relating to eligibility for Membership, accrual of credits, or redemption of credits or reward vouchers, (III) misrepresent any information supplied by you to Regal, or (IV) engage in any activities that are inconsistent with Regal’s or Crown Club’s public image, goodwill, or reputation or applicable law, or (b) Regal terminates your Subscription Program membership under Sections D.2(c), D.2(f) or F.2(b) of the Subscription Program rules.
    3. Regal may also terminate your Membership immediately and without notice in the event you do not earn credits for the purchase of an admission ticket or concessions (a “Qualifying Purchase”) for a period of 12 consecutive months.
    4. Regal may delete your account and all of your Membership records (including accrued credits and other Membership data) in the event you do not have a Qualifying Purchase for a period of 42 consecutive months.
    5. You may not terminate your Membership while you have a Subscription Program membership that is associated with such Membership. You must first terminate your Subscription Program membership and then terminate your Membership.
  2. Effect of Termination of Crown Club Account.
    1. Upon any termination hereunder, your right to accrue and redeem credits and rewards (including reward vouchers) is immediately cancelled.
    2. Any and all credits accumulated up to the date of termination will be forfeited and your account balance will become zero.
    3. You will forfeit (and, upon Regal’s request, must return) all unredeemed reward vouchers that you have been awarded and surrender your Club Card to Regal.
    4. Regal shall have the right to take appropriate administrative and/or legal action, including criminal prosecution, as it deems necessary in its sole discretion.
    5. If Regal terminates your Membership (except under Section H.1(iii) or Section H.1(iv)), you are ineligible to re-apply for Membership and you agree not to attempt to re-enroll in the Crown Club.

I. General

  1. Modification of Club Rules and Crown Club. Regal reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify or update the Club Rules and/or change or discontinue the Crown Club (including its credit/rewards structure), the lists of Participating Theatres, or any credit, reward or special status programs at any time without any liability or notice beyond updating these Club Rules. The result of such modification, update, change, or discontinuation may include decreases in credit redemption values or cancellations of credit not yet redeemed.
  2. Publicity Release. By participating in the Crown Club, you hereby (i) give Regal and its designees permission to publish, adapt, distribute, display, prepare derivative works of, and otherwise use your name, biographical information, voice, statements attributable to you, picture, and other likeness for advertising, promotional, and other purposes as determined by Regal in any and all media now known or existing at any time in the future throughout the world, without further approval, notification, or compensation, and (ii) release Regal and its designees from any and all liability in connection therewith. The foregoing publicity release is void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  3. Privacy Policy. Regal’s Privacy Policy applies to the Crown Club and your Membership and is incorporated in these Club Rules by this reference.
  4. Communications from Regal. As a Member, you are automatically subscribed to Regal’s weekly newsletter, and you may receive other e-mails or SMS messages from Regal containing special offers or promotions. Depending on the terms of your service agreement with your wireless provider, message and data rates may apply. You are not required to opt in to any telemarketing calls or messages to become or remain a Member, and if you do opt in, you can opt out of receiving such calls and messages at any time (please see Regal’s Privacy Policy for information on opting out).
  5. Sweepstakes. As a Member, you may be automatically entered into certain Regal-sponsored promotions when you use your Club Card or Club Card number when purchasing admission tickets to certain movies, and you hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions of those promotions (which will be available here during the applicable promotion period and may be requested from Regal in accordance with such terms and conditions). Personal information collected from your Membership account in connection with any such promotion will be used in accordance with Regal’s Privacy Policy .
  6. Audit. Regal reserves the right to audit your Membership account at any time. In the event Regal determines, in its sole discretion, that you have accrued or redeemed credits or rewards through fraud or abuse, Regal may terminate your Membership as set forth above in addition to pursuing any other rights available to Regal at law or in equity.
  7. Taxes. Rewards, as well as any prize or gift provided to you, may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and applicable federal, state, and local tax laws. You are solely responsible for payment of any applicable taxes and any applicable tax reporting obligations.
  8. Release. By participating in the Crown Club, you agree to release Regal, its parent, affiliates, divisions, related companies, third-party prize/reward providers and suppliers, and agents, and the respective officers, directors, owners, representatives, agents and employees of any of the foregoing (each, a “Releasee”), from any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), including without limitation property damages, personal injury, and/or death, arising from or related to the Crown Club, including, without limitation, (a) the collection, redemption, revocation, or deletion of credits, (b) the issuance of reward vouchers and use of rewards, (c) the suspension, termination, or modification of your Membership or account, and (d) the suspension, modification, or termination of the Crown Club or any reward or special status programs therein. PARTICIPATION IN THE CROWN CLUB IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. THE CROWN CLUB, MEMBERSHIP, AND ALL REWARDS, PRIZES, MERCHANDISE, SWEEPSTAKES AND SWEEPSTAKES ENTRIES, AND OTHER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY, THROUGH OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE CROWN CLUB ARE PROVIDED AND MUST BE ACCEPTED ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND. THE RELEASEES MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE CROWN CLUB, MEMBERSHIP, OR ANY REWARDS, PRIZES, MERCHANDISE, SWEEPSTAKES OR SWEEPSTAKES ENTRIES, OR OTHER PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES PROVIDED BY, THROUGH OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE CROWN CLUB, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND ANY WARRANTY OF NON-INFRINGEMENT, TITLE, OR QUIET ENJOYMENT.
  11. Indemnification. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Releasees from any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) that arise out of or are related to your violation of these Club Rules or applicable law, rules or regulations. You agree to reimburse Regal for any rewards or prizes that were fraudulently obtained by you.
  12. Disputes. All questions or disputes regarding your eligibility for Membership, the earning, redemption or use of credits or rewards, or your compliance with the Club Rules will be resolved by Regal in its sole discretion. The Club Rules are governed by the laws of the State of New York without regard to the conflicts of laws rules of any jurisdiction. Any dispute, claim or cause of action arising out of or concerning the interpretation or effect of the Club Rules and/or your participation in the Crown Club (a) must be resolved in the state or federal courts situated in the State of Tennessee and (b) except where prohibited, shall be resolved individually, without resort to any form of class action. You agree to the personal jurisdiction, subject matter jurisdiction, and venue of these courts.
  13. Severability. If any provision of the Club Rules is held unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law or is so held by applicable court decision, such unenforceability or invalidity will not render the Club Rules unenforceable or invalid as a whole, and such provision will be changed and interpreted so as to best accomplish the objectives of such unenforceable or invalid provision within the limits of applicable law or applicable court decisions.
  14. Waiver. Any waiver by Regal of a breach of any provision of the Club Rules shall not operate as, or be construed to be, a waiver of any other breach of such provision or of any breach of any other provision of the Club Rules. Failure by Regal to insist upon strict adherence to any provision of the Club Rules on one or more occasions shall not be considered a waiver or deprive Regal of the right to insist upon strict adherence to that provision or any other provision of the Club Rules.
  15. Entire Agreement. These Club Rules constitute the entire agreement between you and Regal pertaining to the subject matter hereof and supersede all prior or other arrangements, understandings, negotiations, and discussions, whether oral or written.

Club Rules Last Updated: 07/26/2021