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Movies That Will Follow You Home

Good scary movies make your heart race as you watch them and haunt you long after you leave the theatre. Scenes caught only in glimpses through covered eyes seem to lurk in the shadows as you walk back home. Horror movies offer a safe way to face your fears and a fun adrenaline rush with friends. But they also linger in your mind when you find yourself alone and hear your home creaking in the night. With a steady march of classic thrillers and new horrors, Regal is the best place to watch the kind of movie that comes back to visit you in your dreams. 


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Scary Movies in Theatres Now

Step into the darkened theatre and face your fears. Try not to look away as terrifying scenes play across the screen. These scary movies are out now and waiting to test your courage.



Horror Movies Coming Soon

Maybe you’ve already seen every thriller and horror film out now. But there’s always another fright lurking around the corner. 



Get ready—something wicked this way comes!