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A Space Built to Bring People Together

Regal’s theatres were built to bring people together to watch a movie. That makes these same spaces perfect for bringing people together for all sorts of events. From business meetings to book tours — from project launches to appreciation dinners — a Regal theatre can make your next event more exciting and memorable. 

Get access to all of the amenities you need, from A/V equipment to catering, as well as the support to make sure it all works together perfectly. Upgrade to a red carpet event for an unforgettable experience. Make it a meeting and a movie to drive attendance and engagement. You could even include an advanced screening of a select movie.  The possibilities are endless and our experienced event consultants are waiting to help you host a great event at Regal. 

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Regal Has Everything You Need for Your Event

Event Planning & Management

When you book an event at a Regal theatre, you get more than just a venue — you get connected to a dedicated event consultant who will help you create a flawless event. They’ll guide you through considering every detail to make sure everything is covered, including:

  • Signage, registration tables, and display space
  • A/V and lighting
  • Concessions and catering
  • Red carpet experience

You can also opt for a Regal business events meeting manager to be on-site during the event, making sure everything goes just right. They can oversee guest arrival, registration, distribution of post-event materials, and more. 




Take full advantage of the theatre space by incorporating audio/visual components into your event. Amplify your activities with audio, video, lighting, presentation equipment, and the technical expertise to bring it together flawlessly. 

We will work with you to decide which technology package makes the most sense and then manage all of the setup and execution during your event. Regal offers:

  • Cinematic 4K projectors and 40-foot screens
  • Microphones
  • LED uplighting and walk-in music
  • Lighting for the speaker and the stage
  • Experienced A/V technicians

Concessions & Catering

The fountain drinks, candy, and buttery popcorn you expect from Regal are also available for theatre meetings and events. All are available through specially-priced concessions menus at your selected theatre. Looking for something more than the regular theatre snacks? We also offer catering options like continental breakfasts, boxed lunches, hors d’oeuvres, and in-lobby buffets.

Give your guests the star treatment with a movie-themed menu, or treat them to a beer, wine and cocktail reception. Our event consultants will work with you to select the right menu offering.


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Reach Your Audience Anywhere With Multi-City Events

Regal operates a geographically diverse theatre circuit that spans the nation with over 450 locations, allowing you to reach your audience wherever they may be. Imagine your content and message transformed into cinematic scale via big screens with stunning HD and cinematic sound that captivates, engages, and informs like no other medium can. Our event consultants will work with you to select the delivery method that is just right for your initiative.

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Share Pre-Recorded Content on the Big Screen

Pre-recording your content is a cost-effective way to reach the greatest number of people in the greatest number of cinemas. Pre-produced content allows you to perfect your message before it is transmitted to your audience. Your production can then be multicast in HD clarity into as many of our cinemas as you require. This is an ideal vehicle for seminars, sales training, and appreciation events.



Project Live Events to Multiple Locations

A live, high-definition satellite broadcast lets you simultaneously reach gathered in as many as 190 Regal theatres nationwide. You eliminate the hassle and expense of travel, yet deliver your content with the same clarity, consistency and impact as a face-to-face interaction. This option is perfect for events like executive addresses or product and brand launches.


Go on Tour With Multi-Site Road Shows

Multi-site road shows are ideal for specialized, local events. Your live presenters travel to each location to engage directly with attendees at their local cinemas. The face-to-face interaction, coupled with big screen visuals and cinematic sound, make for a truly remarkable experience.

Whether you need one or 100 movie theatre locations, Regal cinemas offer the support to make your event a success. Big screens, wireless microphones, cinematic sound—the works. Plus our event consultants are your one point of contact and will ensure that your meeting or screening goes smoothly anywhere across the nation.

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