IMAX® Educational Screenings


IMAX Documentaries to Educate and Entertain

Regal and IMAX are proud to bring you an unforgettable, larger-than-life learning experience. These documentaries, presented in incredible scope and detail on an IMAX screen, will educate, enlighten, and entertain. Taking your students out of the classroom to experience new places and ideas will make a memorable lesson and fuel thoughtful follow-up discussion in the classroom. 

Educational screenings take place Monday through Friday before regular theatre business hours — generally between 8AM and 10AM. IMAX educational screenings require a minimum of 100 admissions to be purchased at $7-$8 per student for one movie or $10-$11 for two movies. Pricing varies by theatre and is subject to change. 

Submit an online Event Request Form  to learn about the educational titles we have available and begin designing a great school field trip.