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A trip to the movies is a perfect reward, prize, or gift. And Regal has plenty of ways to give that gift. Slip a gift card into a birthday card. Surprise a friend by texting them an eCard. Treat a movie-lover to a year of Unlimited movies. Or give each of your employees a ticket to the movie of their choice for a job well done. 

Use the buttons below to purchase physical cards, check your Regal gift card balance, and view current gift card promotions. Or read on to learn more about all of the gift options we have to offer. 

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Movie Theatre Gift Cards

Movie theatre gift cards can be used on concessions, tickets, and Unlimited subscriptions. Instantly surprise a friend by texting them a digital gift card or hand a loved one a physical card for a special occasion.


Regal’s eCards are virtual gift cards that you can instantly send via email or text message. The recipient can use the eCard straight from the message or deposit it into the Regal App.

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Physical Gift Cards

Choose from a variety of gift card designs and have a physical card mailed to either you or the recipient. The recipient can use the gift card in any Regal theatre or deposit it into the Regal App.

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Regal Unlimited gift cards


Unlimited eGift Cards

If you want to really surprise someone who loves movies, don’t settle for just one visit to the theatre. Give them the gift of seeing as many movies as they want with a Regal Unlimited subscription! Available in either one-year or three-month options, this gift gives them access to truly unlimited regular format, 2D movies and plenty of perks. 

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Ultimate Movie Packs

The Ultimate Movie Pack is essentially a night out at the movies for two. Each pack includes two Premiere Tickets, redeemable for any regular format movie, and a $10 concessions gift card.

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Concession Vouchers

Your next trip to Concessions is covered with Concessions Vouchers! Get 10 or more vouchers for small popcorn, small soft drink, candy, or snack packs. They never expire and they are good at all locations, so you can confidently plan for upcoming movie trips. Pair them with Premiere Tickets to give someone a trip to the movies with snacks included.

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Bulk Discount Tickets

Premiere Movie Tickets are perfect for gifts, rewards, incentives, perks, and employee/member resale programs! You can redeem these discounted Regal movie tickets for any standard format, 2D movie. They never expire and are accepted at all of Regal’s theatres nationwide. For no additional charge, you can add a personal touch by printing a custom message directly on the ticket!

Premiere Movie Tickets are $9 a ticket only in bulk orders. They start in bundles of 50, but you can increase that number in increments of 10.

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Other Bulk Purchases

Any of our gifting items can be purchased in bulk for additional savings. Contact CBO for details and discount rates. Whether you need bulk gift cards to reward a team or Ultimate Movie Packs to use as prizes at a Christmas party, our representative will help you put together your order.

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