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Have you heard that Michael Keaton is set to return as Batman? For the first time since 1992 Keaton will don the cape and cowl, as he's set to appear in DC's The Flash movie.

Cinema has always had the ability to tell stories and bridge divides between communities and those of different backgrounds. So, if you're looking for movies that can illuminate, entertain and educate, here's our blog list of thirteen essential movies from some of the greatest black filmmakers.

To mark the release of Spike Lee's "Da 5 Bloods", here's our blog list of Lee's eigh greatest movies so far.

With awards season at an end, it's time to prepare for the latest spectacular Disney remake. We are, of course, talking about the live-action reboot of Mulan, which arrives in July.

Now that the dust has settled following the 2020 Oscars, we can finally appreciate Bong Joon-ho's brilliant movie Parasite for what it is.

In anticipation of Tenet's release this summer (we hope), here are 10 fun facts you may not have known about director Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan is one of the most famous directors ever. Over time, he's created many excellent characters, here's how they match the zodiac signs.

 Here's our blog rundown of Nolan's 10 most incredible risk-taking moments. These are what have cemented him as one of the most successful and brilliant filmmakers of our time.

What's your favourite comic book movie? It's a question you may well be asking whilst in lockdown, and you may also be asking where the genre began on the big screen.

Get ready to take-off on another high-flying adventure when Top Gun: Maverick soars into Cineworld on 23rd December.

Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day, and we're commemorating the occasion with our blog list of the greatest World War II movies. Scroll down to see if your favorite film has been included.

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It can't have escaped your attention that Taika Waititi is directing a new Star Wars movie. We're here to explain why this is excellent news...

A movie legend turned 80 this weekend, and that person is Al Pacino. Here are 13 of his best roles on film.

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Despite all the madness currently engulfing the world, we've still got a thrilling slate of Marvel movies to look forward to in the coming months and years.

It may have escaped your attention that we're due to get a brand new James Bond movie this year. Moreover, it's been co-written by the fiendishly witty and talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whose hit spy series Killing Eve has just debuted its third season.

We're all under strict lock-down conditions at the moment, and wouldn't you know it, several of our favorite Disney princesses have gone through the same thing.

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You've heard about musicals that have become movies. But what about those classic films that made the jump onto the stage?

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We're all struggling with the news of three more weeks of lockdown, so take inspiration from the characters in these confined spaces thrillers.

It's an argument we've all had: what's better, the original, or the remake? Many will insist that the latter will always lose out to the former, but it's not necessarily the case.

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We're all under lockdown at the moment, and isolation is a theme that our favorite films have returned to again and again.

So, take inspiration from our blog list of classic isolation movies, all featuring characters learning to cope in tough circumstances.

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Stuck in limbo awaiting the arrival of your favorite films? Well, we've rounded up all the new blockbuster release dates in one place, including the newly re-arranged Marvel Phase Four slate.

Itching to emerge from these strict lockdown conditions and get out into the open air? We hear you, so we thought we'd put together a blog list of sweeping landscape films to help inspire you.

What makes a perfect movie? It's an argument many of you may be having while stuck at home in self-isolation, wondering about what film to watch next.

Enduring self-isolation? You can always pick up a book – but before you do so, we're here with a handy little listicle. Here's our round-up of the books and stories you need to read ahead of their movie adaptations.

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