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Our latest episode of Sit Down with the Stars featuring the cast of Downton Abbey (2019) took us on location to the Abbey itself in the serene country side of Newbury just two hours outside of London. During my time on set, I was graced with the presence of Downton Abbey royalty, Laura Carmichael (Edith Pelham) and Elizabeth McGovern (Cora Crawley), and had the chance to explore every corner of the expansive grounds! So join me as I go over the six biggest takeaways from my trip to Downton Abbey (one for each season of the iconic show).

The Royals are coming! The Royals are coming! All you Downton Abbey fans, rejoice! The long-awaited movie adaptation of the hit period drama finally comes to Regal this Friday. For all of you loyal fans, the upcoming movie is sure to be full of winks and nods to the previous series, but the characters themselves will be facing a lot of new challenges. To get ready for Downton Abbey’s release, we are taking a look at where we left off with each main character!

For all of you Downton Abbey fans, we are entirely sure the arrival of the big screen adaptation of the iconic show cannot come soon enough. In an effort to hold you over, we sent Regal correspondent Matthew Hoffman down to Yorkshire to visit the Abbey itself and sit down with the cast of the upcoming movie to get some of the latest news on what went into the creation of Downton Abbey and how it felt for the cast of the movie to make their way back to set.

For all of you loyal fans, the upcoming movie is sure to be full of winks and nods to the previous series. And for all of you guests to the abbey, the movie is written to be a stand alone and will be just as captivating to anyone who is new to Downton Abbey. So hold on to your cap and riding coat as we go over everything we know so far, from details about the plot to when you can expect to see it hitting Regal theatres!