Wonder Woman 1984 Halloween Costume Teases Cheetah’s Final Form

Wonder Woman and Cheetah Halloween Costumes

Wonder Woman 1984's Halloween costumes include a tease as to what Cheetah's final form might look like. Played by Kristen Wiig, the character is one of the two villains of the narrative, the other one being Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord, who is a powerful businessman in the comics.

Director Patty Jenkins reunites with Gal Gadot after the successful Wonder Woman movie from 2017. Wonder Woman 1984 is another period film, this time, set in the 1980s where Diana Prince will find herself at the height of the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Chris Pine is also reprising his role as the lead character's love interest, Steve Trevor despite the character's tragic fate at the end of the original movie. Other than the casting, not much is known regarding the film's plot specifics, but Warner Bros. marketing continues to offer fans new information regarding what to expect from their upcoming DCEU movie.

Shared by Twitter user Mikhail Villareal are promotional images for Wonder Woman 1984's Halloween costume line. The photos include kids wearing Diana's classic Wonder Woman costume, as well as her new Golden Eagle Armor. However, aside from the headlining character, the selection also offers fans a look at what might be Cheetah's final form in the sequel. Check out the images below:

Wonder Woman 1984 Halloween Costumes

So far, Wonder Woman 1984's promotional materials have yet to give us a glimpse at what Wiig's Cheetah look will be. Instead, character portraits and even the trailers have only showed her wearing primarily civilian clothes with Cheetah spots incorporated. Chances are that Jenkins is saving the reveal in the movie so as not to spoil it for fans. Initially slated to release last November, Warner Bros. pushed Wonder Woman 1984 to June this year - not due to any production issues, but simply because they always wanted a summer release as they had for Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemicits theatrical release has been pushed back to August.

Over the years, there have been different looks for Cheetah in the comics but this Wonder Woman 1984 Halloween costume looks similar to a poster image of the character that was made the rounds online early this year. That said, this is not a confirmation that this will indeed be how the villain's final form will look like. It may simply be based on early pieces of concept art that were provided to merchandisers for their products. Warner Bros. and Jenkins could've still made some changes to her actual appearance for the movie. In any case, it's best to reserve any judgment until fans get to see the official look for the character.

Source: Mikhail Villareal