Wonder Woman 1984: Everything Revealed In The Junior Novelization

Wonder Woman 1984 Characters - Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and The Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984's junior novelization reveals numerous major spoilers about the plot of the film. The pandemic crisis has caused major problems for film studios, with movies continually delayed and rescheduled. Studios want to get their films out there, but they also want them to perform well, and they're desperately trying to judge when it's best to release them. Given the chaos, something was going to slip sooner or later.

That "something" is the junior novelization of Wonder Woman 1984. The movie's release date has been adjusted several times, and it's currently due to come out in October 2020. The junior novelization has, however, slipped through the cracks and been recently published. Copies aren't too easy to come by - it's currently out of stock on Amazon, probably reflecting DC Films' attempt at damage limitation - but some have made it into public circulation regardless, and one has been exclusively obtained by Screen Rant. In common with all novelizations, it's likely based on early drafts of the script, which means dialogue may be a little different; it's also aimed at younger readers, and as a result lacks the depths of characterization you'd see performed by an actor on the big screen.

Many scenes are, however, instantly recognizable from the trailers, meaning it does indeed appear to be an accurate representation of the plot. Curiously, the Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization appears to only contain the first two acts, ending with Diana about to launch into the climactic third act battle. The publication of the Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization clearly blows the plot wide open. Here are all the major spoilers revealed in the book - but don't read on if you are spoiler-averse.

Wonder Woman 1984'S MacGuffin Is The Dreamstone

Production Still: Wonder Woman 1984 - Maxwell Lord holding the Dreamstone.

Wonder Woman 1984's MacGuffin is an ancient, magical crystal called the Dreamstone. This object grants anyone who sees it one wish, literally rewriting reality around it; unfortunately, because the Dreamstone was created by the God of Lies, there will always be a catch. An innocent example early on sees someone jokingly wish for a cup of coffee, only to be handed one by a random passer-by, but they scald themselves when they try to drink it. But it's immediately clear the potential hazard is far greater, because of course people of ambition tend to wish for things that would affect countless lives. Diana soon learns the Dreamstone has been linked to the dramatic collapse of countless civilizations throughout history.

How Steve Trevor Returns In Wonder Woman 1984

Production Still: Wonder Woman 1984 - Actor Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

The Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization reveals Diana has never really gotten over Steve Trevor's death in the first Wonder Woman movie, and in fact his absence has only grown more painful as the years have passed. Diana made instant friends when she arrived in the world of men, but she is a near-immortal, and as such has watched with sorrow as her loved ones pass away. She has become incredibly lonely, frequently slipping into fits of nostalgia as she remembers Steve. As such, when she initially handles the Dreamstone, Diana has one wish; to get Steve Trevor back. It's important to stress that, at the time, Wonder Woman has absolutely no idea the Dreamstone can really do what it claims; in fact, she doesn't even realize it's a genuine historical artifact, but instead believes it is a fake. Otherwise she'd likely have been a lot more cautious about her wish. She doesn't even know Steve Trevor is back until he unexpectedly appears at a social event she's attending.

How Cheetah Gains Her Powers In Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and a comic book Cheetah.

Wonder Woman 1984 also introduces one of Diana's greatest foes from the comics, the supervillain Cheetah. Played by Kristen Wiig, Barbara Minerva is introduced as a mild-manner archaeologist who lacks any self-confidence at all. Diana is working at the Natural History Museum, and she is introduced to Minerva as her new colleague. Barbara immediately finds herself taken under Diana's wing, and she's frankly overjoyed to be noticed. Unfortunately she hero-worships Diana, and as a result her wish is a simple one; to be more like Diana. She's thinking of poise and beauty, elegance and confidence, but the Dreamstone grants her all that and more - including super-powers.

Every one of the Dreamstone's wishes is really a curse, though, and Barbara gradually finds the powers taking her over, until she transforms into Cheetah. A savage monster, Cheetah is able to match Diana physically, and she quickly deduces Diana will try to destroy the Dreamstone. Fearing this will result in her losing her newfound powers, Cheetah decides to do anything within her power to stop Wonder Woman. This subplot is a fascinating and intense one, and the transformation appears reminiscent of Catwoman's in Batman Returns, a point that was emphasized in the trailers.

Maxwell Lord's Wish Is A Game-Changer

Wonder Woman 1984's Maxwell Lord.

Unlike Wonder Woman and Cheetah, Maxwell Lord knows exactly what the Dreamstone is. He's a con-man who has become something of a celebrated figure because of his silver tongue, but his business ventures are failing, and he figures the only way to succeed will be to use the Dreamstone. Max Lord's one wish is a game-changer; he wishes that he possessed the power of the Dreamstone himself. From that point on, he becomes a human wish-granter, his very presence rewriting reality around him.

He uses his charm and cunning to guide conversations, ensuring people will wish for what suits his own interests. But again, there is a sting in the tail; Maxwell Lord appears to have become almost addicted to granting as many wishes as he can. The chaos swiftly escalates - especially when, towards the end of the Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization, Max asks the President of the United States what he would wish for. The film is set at the height of the Cold War, and the President's wish - for more nukes than the Russians, situated more closely to the USSR - risks causing a nuclear holocaust.

Wonder Woman 1984 Subtly Retcons Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Wonder Woman with her shield.

The Wonder Woman 1984 junior novelization retcons Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which appeared to suggest Diana had abandoned humanity for a century or more before joining in the battle against Doomsday. In reality, text from the junior novelization suggests she's remained active, and even fought in World War II. It appears Diana simply doesn't like operating in public, and thus she has slipped into the habit of traveling from place to place, doing good until she becomes something of an urban legend in that area, and then moving on.

She uses her speed to move too fast for people to properly register what they're seeing, and she makes a habit of destroying CCTV cameras so they can't catch a shot of her; this explains scenes in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailers, which showed Wonder Woman taking on a group of robbers in a shopping mall, and alternating between neutralizing them and breaking cameras. When Lex Luthor acquired a photo of Diana and her friends from World War I in Batman V Superman, it's possible he had gotten his hands on the one piece of evidence proving this "Woman of Wonder" actually exists.

How Wonder Woman Acquires The Golden Eagle Armor

Production Still: Wonder Woman 1984 - Wonder Woman in the Golden Eagle Armor.

There's been much excitement about Wonder Woman's new look, the so-called "Golden Eagle" armor from the comics. This was introduced in Alex Ross' story Kingdom Come, and it was then absorbed into canon as a suit Diana tends to wear when she's about to go to battle. There's been intense speculation about just how Diana got her hands on the Golden Eagle armor, with some speculation she'll go on a quest back to Themyscira. The answer is far more prosaic; the Golden Eagle armor was worn by an Amazonian hero who fell back before the Amazons retreated to Themyscira, and Diana has discovered it during her work as an archaeologist. She has treasured it as a reminder of home, and chooses to wear it as the battle against Max Lord escalates.

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