Bill & Ted 3 Fans Can Win Appearance In Movie By Filming Themselves Rocking Out

Production Still, Bill S. Preston Esquire in Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Bill and Ted 3 fans can win a chance to appear in the upcoming movie by filming themselves rocking out with real or imaginary instruments.

Bill & Ted Face the Music writer Ed Solomon recently took to Twitter and announced fans could win a chance to be in the film - but only if they can shred most excellent. It’s been over thirty years since Bill & Ted’s Most Excellent Adventure premiered and changed the face of pop culture forever. Fans have waited a long time for the franchise’s third installment, which is expected to premiere on August 21st of this year.

Alex Winter’s Bill S. Preston Esquire and Keanu Reeves' Theodore "Ted" Logan enamored audiences in the late 80’s, but their popularity has only grown since then. Thus far, both Bill & Ted films have centered around the titular characters' destiny to save the world with rock and roll. The time traveling duo have already met the world’s most famous historical figures and bested Death in Battleship, Clue and Twister. While those feats are impressive, Bill & Ted Face the Music will have the heroes face their most dangerous challenge of all: middle age.

Ed Solomon, One of the Bill & Ted Face the Music writers, recently announced on Twitter that fans could win a chance to be in the film. The contest, as detailed on the website Party on With Bill & Ted, gives fans a chance to send in a video of them, their friends, or even their pets rocking out. Whether fans play an actual instrument or simply shred on an air guitar, all are welcomed to participate. The deadline for submissions is on May 20th, 2020, but those who dream it, film it, and send it will be entered for the chance to be in a small (yet excellent) part of the film. The website also offers the demo track fans need to complete their contest entry.

The website has every bit of information anyone needs to submit a video. That includes what to wear, how many people should be in the video, and how the video should be filmed. To that end, the rules are very loose; however, there is one big rule that fans need to follow. During the filming of the video, contestants cannot have any visible copyrighted material on clothing, tattoos, or anything else . Given how litigious companies can be, this restriction makes perfect sense. Other than that, contestants are urged to be as creative as they can be.

The contest is simple and fun, but it also speaks to the theme of the Bill & Ted franchise. Sure, it’s mostly about two lovable idiots who have greatness thrust upon them. But at its heart, the franchise champions being oneself, inclusiveness, and peace on a global scale. A lot has changed since Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure debuted, but its themes ring true now more than they ever have. Thankfully, the wait is almost over, and audiences will soon be most excellently rocked by Bill & Ted Face the Music.