Uncharted's First Set Photo Confirms The Movie Has Finally Started Filming

Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in Uncharted. Filming has begun.

Tom Holland posted a set photo showing the long-delayed production on the Uncharted movie has finally begun following the coronavirus shutdown. Holland is set to take on the role of a young Nathan Drake in a movie adaptation of the popular game series, reportedly drawing inspiration from the fourth game. Mark Wahlberg, who was initially set to play Drake when the movie was first rumored, will now take on the role of Sully, Drake's mentor.

The movie will be directed by Venom and Zombieland 1 & 2 director Ruben Fleischer, after a number of other directors came and went. Production on the movie was supposed to begin back in March, but it was shut down on Holland's first day of filming. However, with the production shooting in Berlin, where the coronavirus pandemic has largely been brought under control, signs have been emerging that cameras would start rolling soon. Just last week, a video of Holland taking a gag-inducing coronavirus test emerged, which further confirmed suspicions that production was ready to start again.

Now, Holland has taken to Instagram to celebrate the first official day of filming, posting a shot of the back of his black on-set chair, which says "Nate" in big bold red lettering. As if that wasn't enough, the accompanying caption removes any ambiguity from the post, as it says "Day one #Uncharted." You can see Holland's post below.

It's a big step for the production, which has a long history of delays, and now needs to rush to produce a polished product in time for its release date almost exactly one year from now. For a large Hollywood blockbuster, that is a short run time, and so the production will be hoping that there are no further barriers that delay filming again.

The fact that Uncharted is finally in production is a rare piece of good news for fans of the game series. After years of rumors, delays and behind the scenes issues, the fact that the movie is finally underway will provide some relief. However, there is also the worry that quality on the movie could suffer as a result of the need to shoot and edit in such a short span of time. There are already worries about how a movie focusing on the young Drake, rather than the world-weary character seen in the game, will turn out, and a rush to meet the release date could prove disastrous for Sony's long-gestating blockbuster.

On the upside, though, Holland is clearly excited for the role, as he is a fan of the series, and has said that his fellow actor Wahlberg has inspired him to get into incredible shape. He's also proven in his appearances as Spider-Man that he has the old-school charm and humor required to carry a summer blockbuster, so there is still hope that Uncharted turns out to be a success.

Source: Tom Holland/Instagram

Key Release Dates

  • Uncharted (2021)Release Date: Jul 16, 2021