Trivia Quiz—Basketball Movies

Basketball coach Jack Cunningham (played by Ben Affleck) speaks to his team in the middle of a huddle on the court in the movie The Way Back (2020)

The game of basketball was invented by a gym teacher named Dr. James Naismith in 1891 and has since grown into one of the most popular team sports, capturing the attention of millions around the world. Filmmakers have taken notice too as basketball has been the subject of many dramas, comedies, and biogrpahical movies that have attracted some of the industries biggest stars. The latest basketball movie coming to theatres, The Way Back, stars Academy Award® winner Ben Affleck and opens at Regal on March 6th.

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Ben Affleck stars as a former high school basketball phenom now struggling with alcoholism who is offered a chance to return to the hardwood as a coach of his alma mater's team. The Way Back is directed and co-written by Gavin O'Connor, who previously worked with Affleck on the action-crime drama The Accountant (2016). O'Connor also directed the 2004 biographical sports-drama Miracle, which won Best Sports Movie at the 2004 ESPY Awards, and the Academy Award® nominated mixed martial arts drama Warrior (2011).

Before heading to Regal this weekend to see The Way Back, try your hand at this basketball movie quiz that tests your knowledge on all things related to movies that take place on the hardwood. Can you go 10 for 10 from the free throw line? Good luck!

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1. Which of the following actors has never portrayed a basketball coach on the big screen?


2. Which of these basketball movies co-starred Dennis Hopper and led to him earning an Academy Award® nomination for actor in a supporting role?


3. In the movie Like Mike (2002), which actor plays the character of Tracy Reynolds, a guard for the fictional NBA franchise Los Angeles Knights?


4. The following synopsis describes which basketball movie? "Story of a promising high school basketball star and his relationships with two brothers, one a drug dealer and the other a former basketball star fallen on hard times and now employed as a security guard."


5. In the movie Just Wright, which rapper portrays a point guard for the NBA's New Jersey Nets?


6. In the movie Space Jam (1996), the five NBA stars who have their talent stolen are Charles Barkley, Muggsy Bogues, Patrick Ewing, Shawn Bradley, and __________.


7. Complete the title of this 1979 basketball movie starring Julius Erving. THE _______ THAT SAVED PITTSBURGH


8. In the biographical drama Coach Carter (2005), Samuel L. Jackson plays basketball coach Ken Carter who takes over as head coach of which high school in California?


9. He Got Game (1998) chronicles a prized high school basketball recruit's relationship with his father and stars which actor and NBA player as the father/son combo?


10. In the 1996 movie Eddie, Whoopie Goldberg plays basketball fan Edwina Franklin and ends up as the head coach of which NBA franchise?


Your grade is (out of 100): __




The latest basketball movie to hit theatres, The Way Back, opens at Regal this Friday, March 6th.

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