Trivia Quiz—BAD BOYS

Detective Mike Lowrey (played by Will Smith) aims a handgun while standing next to his unarmed partner, Detective Marcus Burnett (played by Martin Lawrence), inside a sun-lit room with palm tree wallpaper in Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return January 17th for one final ride in Bad Boys for Life, the long-awaited third installment in the Bad Boys franchise.

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The first movie in the newly cemented trilogy, Bad Boys, was released in 1995 and injected new energy into the iconic buddy cop formula, showcasing the talents of its two leading men, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The movie’s success led to a sequel eight years later, Bad Boys II (2003), in which Smith and Lawrence reprised their roles. Bad Boys for Life sees the two detectives reunite once again after a Romanian mob boss exacts revenge on the duo just as they are about to retire.

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How well do you know the Bad Boys franchise? Prepare for the third movie in the series by testing your knowledge with a ten-question quiz.


1. Bad Boys for Life is the first Bad Boys movie not to be directed by Michael Bay. Who directs it?


2. What are the names of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s characters?


3. The two lead characters are detectives in which police department?


4. Which actor turned down the Bad Boys (1995) role that would eventually go to Will Smith?


5. What was the original title of Bad Boys (1995) during its early stages of development?


6. Which former NBA player makes a cameo in Bad Boys (1995)?


7. Which former NFL quarterback makes a cameo in Bad Boys II (2003)?


8. Which former Disney star makes her Bad Boys debut in Bad Boys for Life?


9. Captain Howard is played by which Emmy®-winning actor?


10. The 1987 hit single “Bad Boys” serves as the theme song to the franchise. Who sings the song?


Your grade is (out of 100): __




See Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return for one final ride in Bad Boys for Life, coming to Regal January 17th. Tickets are now on sale.

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