Tom Cruise Plans Movie Filmed In Outer Space With Elon Musk

Tom Cruise to Film in Space.

Tom Cruise's next action movie might film in outer space as the actor and Elon Musk's SpaceX are in the early stages of working with NASA.

Tom Cruise is working with Elon Musk and NASA to film a new action-adventure movie in outer space. Over the last several decades, Cruise has become one of the biggest action movie stars on the planet. His adrenaline-junky nature and desire to do all of his own stunts has driven him to repeatedly push the envelope of what can practically be done. Thanks to the Mission: Impossible franchise and other films, Cruise's movies consistently feature inspired action sequences.

In recent years, Cruise scaled the tallest building in the world for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, strapped himself to the side of an airplane for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, learned to pilot a helicopter for Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and flew an actual fighter jet for Top Gun: Maverick. All of these stunts were done by Cruise and has set the bar high for what else he could do next. His next films, Mission: Impossible 7 & 8, will once again feature Cruise doing dangerous stunts, and fans have repeatedly called for Ethan Hunt to go to space next. While that won't happen in the upcoming Mission: Impossible films, Cruise is charting a course to do so in a different project.

A new report from Deadline shared the news that an upcoming action-adventure Tom Cruise movie might be the first feature film to ever shoot scenes in outer space. Cruise is working with Elon Musk's SpaceX program and NASA to try and achieve this next stunt. The mystery project does not yet have a studio attached, and there are no details on who else is involved as a writer or director.

Tom Cruise in Navy uniform. Top Gun: Maverick
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

The discussion of filming movies in outer space has risen in recent years. Colin Trevorrow previously revealed he wanted to film some stuff for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in space, but that never came to pass since he exited the project. Now, it appears Cruise might be the one to get the first crack at filming a movie in space. Since it is early on, the details of the plans he and Musk have are unknown, so it is unclear how much of the potential film would be shot in this new environment. With the current state of Cruise's attempt to film in space, it is too early to tell if it will actually happen

The idea of filming scenes in space would be a major selling point for the marketing department and likely draw audiences to theaters to see how the movie accomplished these scenes. However, productions are complicated enough on Earth where movies have been made for over a century. Filming scenes in space raises many different questions, variables, and possible complications, and it is possible the risk of pulling off this feat could ultimately outweigh the benefits in the minds of many. After all, would other crew members have to go with Cruise to space or would he be able to do it by himself with the help of astronauts? There's no way of knowing the answer now, but if anyone will figure out how to shoot some scenes in space, it might as well be Tom Cruise.