THE LAST FULL MEASURE—A 30-Year Battle for the Medal of Honor

William Pitsenbarger (played by Jeremy Irvine) moves through the jungle with his weapon raised during a Vietnam War battle in The Last Full Measure (2020)

With a slew of war movies coming out over the last year ranging from the cosmic battlefields of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to devastating war epics like this year’s 1917, we find a very different type of war movie coming to Regal. The Last Full Measure is set to hit Regal theatres on January 24th and tells the painstaking, true story of William "Pits" Pitsenbarger, a U.S. Air Force Pararescuemen who risked his life to save over 60 men in more than 250 combat missions during the Vietnam War. What makes his story so unique is why it took over 30 years for him to be posthumously awarded the US Army’s highest and most prestigious personal military decoration—The Medal of Honor.


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The primary storyline of The Last Full Measure centers around the Battle of Xa Cam My and Operation Abilene, where Pitsenbarger was killed. As we follow investigator Scott Huffman—who was tasked by the Pentagon to fast-track Pit’s Medal of Honor request several decades later—he uncovers a massive conspiracy behind Pits' denial of the medal all those years ago, putting his life and career on the line in a 30-year battle to deliver this fallen soldier the recognition he deserves.  

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The Last Full Measure-photograph

Written and directed by Todd Robinson, the movie features a high-caliber cast starring Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) as the celebrated William "Pits" Pitsenbarger, and Sebastian Stan (Avengers: Endgame), who is best known for his role as Bucky Barnes (or the “Winter Soldier”) from the Avengers franchise. However, Stan isn’t the only Marvel alumni found on screen in The Last Full Measure—he is also joined by William Hurt and Samuel L. Jackson, who plays a fellow Vietnam veteran. Other notable cast members include Ed Harris (A History of Violence), Christopher Plummer (Knives Out), Diane Ladd (Joy), and, in his final performance, the late Peter Fonda.

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The movie is split into two timelines. The first taking place during a daring rescue mission in 1966 in a war-torn combat zone, where the audience gets to witness the valor of William H. Pitsenbarger first-hand. When Pits is given the chance to escape safely on the last helicopter, he opts to stay behind and help defend his fellow soldiers—successfully saving 66 men while losing his own life in the process. The second timeline follows the efforts of Huffman (Stan) as he seeks out testimonies of Pits’ parents (Plummer and Ladd) and the Army veterans who were saved by his heroism in order to bring a long-buried government conspiracy to light. 


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Samuel L. Jackson-The Last Full Measure
Todd Robinson (writer/director) and Samuel L. Jackson (Takoda) in The Last Full Measure (2020)

The trailer gives us a quick glimpse into the uphill battle faced by Huffman as he attempts to hold the U.S. military accountable for their mistakes during the Vietnam War and to bring this late war hero his rightful honor. There are still plenty of unanswered questions to the complex story of William Pitsenbarger, and we hope to have them answered when The Last Full Measure hits Regal on January 24th.



The Last Full Measure opens at select Regal locations this Friday, January 24th.

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