The Batman Isn’t Trying to Compete With The Dark Knight Trilogy

Robert Pattinson as The Batman and Christian Bale as The Dark Knight.

The Batman's cinematographer Greig Fraser recently discussed the darkness in the movie compared to The Dark Knight trilogy. The Batman will be a departure for the DC Extended Universe when it releases next year, as Robert Pattinson takes over the title role from Ben Affleck. Though the film is currently on a production hiatus due to the coronavirus, The Batman's general mood and tone have been teased via a test video featuring Pattinson in his batsuit. Additionally, images have revealed Batman's cape and Batmobile in the film, all illustrating director Matt Reeves' distinct take on the character.

The Batman follows several notable Bruce Wayne films in the 2000s, including Christopher Nolan's critically-acclaimed The Dark Knight trilogy and Zack Snyder's DCEU movies. Each director and cinematographer established a different look, with Wally Pfister's work on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight even earning Academy Award nominations. Larry Fong was the cinematographer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he had a hand in introducing Affleck's version of the Dark Knight. However, Snyder's followup film, Justice League, brought on Fabian Wagner, Emmy nominated for his work on the TV shows Sherlock and Game of Thrones.

Recently, Fraser sat down with Collider to talk about his work on The Batman. When asked how the darkness in the movie compares to The Dark Knight trilogy and Snyder's films, Fraser explained:

There's darkness in the character for sure. We need to create a mood, which is obvious; it's a Batman film. So, I don't think it's going to be oppressively dark in terms of visually because we're not trying to have a competition about who can go the darkest of the darkest of the darkest. We're trying to create intrigue.

Production Still: The Dark Knight interrogates The Joker.

While Fraser's comments are intentionally vague as to not spoil The Batman, they do line up with what's been teased already. It's clear Reeves and Fraser are both intent on creating their own version of a Batman movie and aren't getting bogged down by what's been done in the past. His remarks are also a good reminder of how important cinematography is in superhero films, especially Batman movies. The character evokes a very specific mood, and the audience has come to expect a certain amount of darkness in films featuring the Dark Knight.

All told, Fraser's words should only increase excitement for Reeves' film. With The Batman's impressive cast and "phenomenal" script, it's already one of the most highly anticipated DCEU movies yet. There's also a lot a curiosity surrounding Pattinson's casting and how he'll make the character his own. His performance and The Batman's cinematography will go hand-in-hand, with both working together to establish a unique take on the iconic DC hero. Audiences will see how it all comes together when the film finally releases next year.

Source: Collider

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