The Batman Is Perfectly Mixing All The Best Batman Styles

Matt Reeves' upcoming take on the Caped Crusader in the movie The Batman is perfectly mixing all of the best Batman styles. The film will see Robert Pattinson donning the cowl to fight crime and corruption on the streets of Gotham, and will pit him against familiar foes Oswald Cobblepot and The Riddler. Early looks at the film, as well as the new trailer revealed at DC FanDome 2021, give a good indication of what can be expected from this latest incarnation of the Dark Knight, and it appears that it will feature a mix of the best Batman representations.

The trailers depict a dark, grounded version of Gotham, complete with plenty of grit and grime, and it also showcases just how brutal Pattinson's Batman will be. Early glimpses of the Batmobile seem to belie the film's more realistic approach to the source material than many iterations, while the trailers' general tone is more action-noir than superhero film. The Batman's general look is dark and gothic, with flashes of Pattinson's angry Batman and brooding Bruce Wayne peppered throughout. It also appears that the film's main antagonist The Riddler looks very different in The Batman than his previous incarnations, too.

Everything that the trailers have revealed so far points to The Batman being an utterly unique blend of all of its hero's best styles. Batman's been around in one form or another for almost a century, so there's plenty of inspiration to draw from, but it seems that Reeves has borrowed key aspects of the character's most iconic iterations and used them to create something refreshing, exciting, and recognizable. Given Batman's tenure as a pop culture icon, doing something entirely new has become practically impossible, so this blending of styles will likely strike the perfect chord with fans by showing reverence to Batman's past while still blazing a trail for the future.

Robert Pattinson as the Batman

This inspiration has already drawn comparisons between The Batman and previous films featuring the character, particularly the films of Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton. Burton's films were simultaneously gothic and cartoonish, lacking the grounded seriousness of Nolan's trilogy, but both versions are well-loved by fans. The Batman borrows some of the aesthetic of Burton's films while drawing on the realism of Nolan's series, seamlessly blending the best aspects of the character's most popular films. The film's noir vibes are also reminiscent of Batman: The Animated Series, which many consider the best adaptation of the Batman comics.

The trailer also features a Gotham City that resembles the one depicted in the Arkham games - the diner in which the Riddler is arrested is particularly reminiscent of that in Arkham Knight - and it seems that the film may have drawn inspiration from Rocksteady's popular franchise, too. The Batman's brutal hallway fight scene demonstrates this Batman's ruthless efficiency in combat, something which Rocksteady's franchise featured heavily. Batman's fighting style might not have been pioneered by the Arkham games, but they established a clear precedent in the specifics of Batman's combat abilities, and it appears that The Batman will honor this through its action sequences.

There's also clear inspiration from some of the Batman comics, too - with Reeves citing Batman: Ego as an inspiration, and the focus on Batman's detective side evoking Batman:The Long Halloween - which rounds out The Batman's inspirations as coming from almost every possible medium. While all of this is undoubtedly exciting for long-time fans of the character, The Batman may still need a selling point to draw in new fans - it appears unique and entirely new, but with a history as long as Batman's, the various inspirations could be daunting for newcomers to the character. Still, if the early trailers are anything to go by, The Batman should be able to perfectly blend Batman's best styles and still stand alone as a fresh and exciting take on the Caped Crusader.