Spider-Man 3: Are Garfield And Maguire Playing Their Original Spideys?

Spider-Man 3 is reportedly bringing back Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire as their respective Peter Parker, but perhaps not the versions fans remember. The upcoming sequel to MCU’s Spider-Man franchise is seemingly becoming a Spider-Verse adaptation as actors of Sony’s two previous franchises based on the web-slinger are being attached to this film. While it will continue the plot that was started at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the untitled Spider-Man sequel is becoming something else, too. Both Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina from Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man franchises will be playing an iteration of their respective Spidey foe, Electro and Doctor Octopus.

However, reports are also claiming that Garfield, along with Maguire, will be showing up in the project as well. In fact, Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy and Kirsten Dunst’s M.J. Watson is possibly getting added too. While Marvel and Sony have yet to officially confirm (or debunk) these latest reports, it seems more and more likely that Spider-Man 3 will honor the past franchises in some capacity. But in the case of Garfield and Maguire’s potential returns, are they actually playing their original version of Spider-Man? Due to some elements, it’s possible that they may not in fact be playing their respective take on the Marvel icon.

Starting with Foxx’s involvement, the actor has seemingly already slipped the detail that he isn’t exactly playing the same Electro that he did in 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Foxx teased that his Electro wouldn’t have a blue look as he did in Webb’s sequel, teasing that it might be Earth-MCU’s Max Dillon that he’s portraying. Additionally, his Electro in the 2014 film was seemingly destroyed in his battle with Garfield’s Spider-Man which is worth taking into account. In Molina’s case, it’s very likely that he’s playing MCU’s take on Otto Octavius given that his character drowned in Raimi’s 2004 sequel.




Should Stone be involved too, then that marks it as a third actor playing a character that was also killed off in a past Spider-Man franchise. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended up adapting Gwen’s famous death as Peter lost the woman he loved during his clash with the Green Goblin. If Stone is actually attached, it’s very likely that she could be playing a Spider-Gwen that is either from the MCU or another Earth in the Multiverse. This supports the case that Garfield and Maguire may in fact not be playing their original Spider-Man character from the Webb and Raimi universes. Furthermore, there's already precedent for this as J.K. Simmons returned as J. Jonah Jameson, but he wasn't portraying Raimi's version of the character.

Only time will tell what’s actually going down in Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man film. Not only does he have to fight to clear his name after Mysterio framed him for murder, but Peter will also face the struggle of Spider-Man’s real identity now being out in the public. So with the addition of Electro, Doctor Octopus, as well as two other Spider-Men, the MCU/Sony sequel will be a huge installment that wraps up this new trilogy. In one way or another, the Spider-Verse plot will be adapted given that so many past Spider-Man related actors are coming back. If Garfield and Maguire end up playing new versions of their Spider-Man, it would still be something exciting for Spider-Man 3.