Spider-Man 3 Set Photos Reveal Tom Holland’s Updated MCU Suit


New set photos from Spider-Man 3 reveal Tom Holland's slightly updated Spider-Man suit. After two successful entries, Marvel Studios and Sony are currently working on the next installment of the Spider-Man franchise set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Production began in late 2020 with Holland reprising his role as the MCU's Peter Parker/Spider-Man. And even though Marvel hasn't confirmed any details about the film's story, cast, or even the title, that hasn't stopped rumors and leaks about Spider-Man 3 from surfacing.

Despite how long it's been in production, Marvel and Sony have done an excellent job preventing leaks from the set from happening. There haven't been any set photos featuring reported cast members like Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), or Electro (Jamie Foxx). Meanwhile, rumors of Charlie Cox's return as Daredevil and the appearances of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man have yet to materialize. This might just be because more filming is being done behind closed doors to try to preserve such information, but Spider-Man 3 finally went back to the streets and delivered some new details.

A new batch of set photos from Spider-Man 3 shared by Just Jared reveals an updated suit for Spider-Man. The update to the suit is quite minor. Spider-Man's suit from the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home included a small black section in the red waistline that splits the black parts of his suit. These photos show that these sections have been removed from the suit. Other than this revelation, the images show Holland wearing a mask in between takes and indicate his younger brother Harry has a role in the film.



Harry holland is on set too it seems



It is not yet clear why this update was made to Spider-Man's suit for Spider-Man 3. This update is so minor that there will likely be a large portion of the audience for the film that doesn't even recognize a difference. While costume changes can sometimes be dictated to help sell toys for each new movie, a change this small doesn't meet that criteria. But now that the updated suit has been spotted, it will be interesting to see if Spider-Man 3 addresses the new look in any way.

With these new set photos arriving, Spider-Man 3 is entering its third month of production after starting in October 2020. It has so far managed to film without any known shutdowns, which is good news for the film. Sony and Marvel gave it a December 2021 release date in the last Phase 4 reshuffling, and it appears to be well on track to be done by then. If that release date holds, then hopefully it won't be too long before some official details on Spider-Man 3 surface.

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