No Time To Die Video Teases Villain Safin’s Motivations

No Time to Die - Rami Malek as villain Safin

No Time To Die video teases James Bond villain Safin’s sinister motivations. Coming off his Oscar win for playing Freddie Mercury in Bohemian RhapsodyRami Malek next tackles the task of playing a Bond villain in the highly anticipated 25th movie in the long-running secret agent franchise.

Of course, Malek is not the first award-caliber actor to take on the role of main bad guy in a Bond movie. Over the years, many acclaimed performers have played adversary to 007, including everyone from Max Von Sydow to Christopher Walken to Christopher Lee to Jonathan Pryce. Most recently, two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz stepped into the role of Blofeld for Spectre, a movie that reinvented the whole Bond vs. Bond villain dynamic by making Blofeld Bond’s vengeful long-lost brother. Waltz will indeed be back for No Time to Die, but the main villain of the piece is actually Malek’s Safin, a mysterious masked figure who clearly represents a major threat to Bond and the world.

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Thus far, details have been hard to come by regarding Safin and his devious plans, but a new video somewhat rectifies this by offering up some tantalizing hints about the character and his motivations. See the clip in the space below:

Of course, the video is still very vague about who Safin is, as those revelations will no doubt be saved for the actual movie. Fan theories about Safin have ranged all over the place, including one theory that speculates he has a connection to Bond’s Spectre ally and love interest Madeleine Swann. All Malek offers up about his character in the new clip is that he’s motivated by the belief he’s a hero, and indeed the video sees Safin telling Bond himself about his desire to make the world a better place in his own way. In a chilling moment, Safin insists he actually performs the same role as Bond, but wants things to be “tidier.” No doubt, Safin’s idea of being tidy when it comes to murder involves a massive plot to kill as many people as possible in the quickest way he can manage (which puts him in line with a lot of prior Bond villains who had massive plans to take over the world by unleashing huge amounts of carnage).

Indeed, the clip serves the purpose of offering up a few more clues about Safin’s plans without giving away the whole game. Keeping fans engaged while waiting for the delayed No Time to Die to arrive is obviously the play here, but of course the movie’s big secrets must be protected so the revelations will have the proper impact when the actual film does finally make it to screens. So far, Malek’s Safin looks like he will be a formidable adversary for Bond and a memorable addition to the long list of villains who’ve made Bond’s life interesting over the decades.

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Source: James Bond 007/YouTube

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  • No Time To Die/James Bond 25 (2020)Release Date: Nov 20, 2020