New Transformers Movie Lands Creed 2 Director


The next Transformers movie will be directed by Creed 2's Steven Caple Jr. Hasbro's wildly popular toy line became a staple of the movie industry during the late 2000s and into the 2010s. Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg were behind the first live-action Transformers, with Bay going on to make five installments that made over $4 billion worldwide. But, after the declining interest that came with Transformers: The Last Knight, the franchise was rebooted with Bumblebee in 2018.

It was revealed at the beginning of 2020 that Paramount and Hasbro are considering a reboot of Transformers already. The studios began developing multiple movies for live-action adaptations. Paramount recently signaled that they figured out the direction of the franchise, though. The studio gave a new Transformers movie a summer 2022 release date, but there was no word on who would be involved.

According to Deadline, Paramount and Hasbro have tapped Steven Caple Jr. to direct the new Transformers movie. Caple Jr. most recently directed Creed 2, which received very positive reviews and made over $200 million worldwide. His hiring comes after Paramount selected Joby Harold's script to be the basis of the 2022 film, allowing him to finish the script so executives could begin meeting with directors. It isn't known who all met for the job, but Caple Jr. was selected as the best person to tackle Transformers.


Creed 2 Steven Caple Jr with Michael B Jordan


Thanks to previous reports, the reveal that Steven Caple Jr.'s Transformers will be based on Joby Harold's script might clear up what it is about. When Paramount was developing competing Transformers scripts, it was reported that James Vanderbilt's script was based around Beast Wars while Harold's rumored to be set in the same universe as Bumblebee. Unless these reports were wrong, it appears Caple Jr.'s movie won't be Beast Wars but instead related to Bumblebee in some fashion.

Caple's hiring for Transformers is an encouraging sign for the movie, and the next step in his movie-making career. He balanced telling a new story, using nostalgia, and working within the frameworks of a franchise quite well in Creed 2, so he is already prepped to do the same with Transformers. Meanwhile, it puts Caple on an upwards trajectory in Hollywood and marks his first job since Creed 2. He made his feature debut with the independent movie The Land in 2016, moved up to a mid-sized budget franchise film with Creed 2, and now could have his biggest budget yet with Transformers. In many ways, this is a similar path as Creed's Ryan Coogler took. While that's not to say Caple Jr. will do for Transformers what Coogler did for Black Panther and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hopefully, he is able to put his mark on the property.