New Mutants Director Hoping To Make Two Sequels

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New Mutants director Josh Boone hopes he can make two sequels. Those who have been following New Mutants for a while know the film has been on quite the rollercoaster ride over the course of its development. The first New Mutants teaser trailer was released all the way back in 2017, and since then the movie has gone through multiple delays - in part due to Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Fans thought they'd finally get to see New Mutants back in April of this year, but the film was one of the many projects pushed back because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It's been rescheduled to August 2020.

As New Mutants (hopefully) finally reaches the end of its strange journey, questions remain about the franchise's longterm future. Marvel Studios is planning to reboot the X-Men, and it's unknown if New Mutants will be integrated into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe or not. For his part, Boone is hopeful he will be able to continue the series and have the opportunity to round out a trilogy.

Speaking with SFX Magazine (hat tip New Mutants Updates), Boone discussed his plans for New Mutants followups, revealing he has a whole arc planned out:

Ultimately, after all this time, I was able to make MY New Mutants film, and I'm am proud of it. What I'm hoping for now is that it will be successful enough so the studio will allow me to complete a trilogy. I've got all planned out.

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As Boone indicates, New Mutants getting sequels will be Disney's call, and it will largely depend on how the first film performs. If it's a well-received box office hit, the studio may be inclined to move ahead with more installments. Earlier this year, Boone stated he cut a New Mutants post-credits scene because of the Disney/Fox deal, so on the surface it appears New Mutants will be presented in a way that it could be easily worked into the MCU (rumors suggest all references to Fox's X-Men movies were removed). Conversely, if New Mutants struggles, Disney would write it off as a one-off without any substantial ramifications. It goes without saying New Mutants wasn't part of the MCU's original post-Endgame plan, so it's not as if New Mutants is a lynchpin for the franchise's bigger future.

All that said, it would be nice if Boone was able to see his vision through to the end and make all three installments. New Mutants looks to be a refreshing entry in the comic book movie genre, mixing in horror elements to create a unique blend. In a time where superhero films are more prevalent than ever, variety is appreciated. And there's no rule that says New Mutants absolutely has to become part of the MCU if it's successful. There's an ongoing debate concerning Deadpool remaining in his own twisted sandbox, so maybe New Mutants could largely be its own standalone thing that's only tangentially connected to the MCU. Regardless, fingers crossed this isn't the last time audiences see the New Mutants characters.

Source: SFX Magazine (via New Mutants Updates)

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  • New Mutants (2020)Release Date: Aug 28, 2020