Mission Impossible 7 Production Restart Confirmed By Simon Pegg Image

Simon Pegg confirms Mission: Impossible 7 has resumed production by sharing a new photo on social media. The highly-anticipated action sequel is one of many Hollywood projects affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It had just started shooting in early 2020 when filming had to be paused due to COVID-19 concerns

It goes without saying Mission: Impossible 7 has encountered a number of issues as it makes its way through principal photography, as the pandemic is still raging on. Despite a recent surge of new COVID-19 cases in the U.K., Mission: Impossible 7 was slated to resume filming there after a break for the holidays. It would appear the team is back together to attempt to finish the job if Pegg's latest social media activity is any indication.

Taking it to Instagram, Pegg posted a photo showing the Mission: Impossible files for his own Benji Dunn, Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, Rebecca Ferguson's Ilsa Faust, and Ving Rhames' Luther Stickell. From his caption, it sounds like production is once again underway. Take a look below:



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Mission: Impossible 7 is currently scheduled to premiere in November 2021, so in all likelihood, the goal during this leg of production will be to wrap principal photography. It's unknown how much work there's left to be done on the movie, but considering filming is able to be completed in the near future, that would give director Christopher McQuarrie enough time to lock the film ahead of its release date. It's worth pointing out Mission: Impossible - Fallout wrapped filming in March 2018 and came out in July of that year, so McQuarrie has experience finishing Mission: Impossible films under a bit of a crunch. There are still nine months to go (as of this writing) before Mission: Impossible 7 is supposed to debut.

Of course, it's always possible Mission: Impossible 7 changes release dates again - depending on what happens with the first half of 2021's movie calendar. Due to continued new cases and a slow vaccine rollout, the release schedule remains in a state of flux, and titles slated for the spring and summer could be pushed back to the fall and winter. If Paramount has to move Top Gun: Maverick, then it would stand reason to believe Mission: Impossible 7 would subsequently be pushed into 2022. Either way, everyone involved with Mission: Impossible 7 would love to finish filming just so it's done and the movie can be ready whenever it's able to come out. Hopefully, things go smooth from here.

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