The Many Faces of Blake Lively in THE RHYTHM SECTION

Stephanie Patrick (played by Blake Lively) looking disheveled as she holds a cigarette while sitting in a room with photos and newspaper clippings pinned all over the wall in The Rhythm Section (2020)

Blake Lively is going rogue in her new movie, The Rhythm Section (2020), as a James Bond-esque assassin who is seeking revenge on the people responsible for orchestrating a plane crash that killed her family. We get a quick glimpse into the action-packed mystery with the movie’s trailer, showing an array of intense fight scenes, car crashes, and several costume changes. In just under two minutes, we see Lively sport a black bowl cut, shaggy blonde bangs, and a long, red, femme fatale wig—all of this leaving us to wonder what kinds of mayhem (the almost unrecognizable) Lively will be finding herself in.

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Thanks to makeup artist Vivian Baker, Lively was able to take on her unimaginable transformation into Stephanie Patrick, as the beautiful Hollywood star dons heavy eye bags and acne scarring to accompany her rough-around-the-edges character. Dedicated to bringing justice—albeit violent justice—to the people behind the murder of her family, Patrick enlists the help of Jude Law’s Iain Boyd, a man who trains her in combat and, ultimately, how to properly control her “rhythm section”—the pounding of her heart.


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The Rhythm Section-Blake Lively
Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) in The Rhythm Section (2020)

As seen in each trailer, Patrick goes through rigorous training under the guidance of Boyd who, while aiding her in her search for revenge, cautions her that the burden she will bear “won't be worth it.” Equipping herself for her quest for blood, Patrick discovers that the hardest part is living with the violence that she will inevitably turn loose. As she uncovers more and more of the truth behind her family’s demise, she is put in greater danger, forcing her to change her appearance constantly throughout the movie.

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Based on Mark Burnell’s 1999 novel of the same name, the 2020 theatrical release was directed by Reed Morano (I Think We’re Alone Now) and pulls Lively into a rather out-of-character performance. With great success in her past roles in movies like The Age of Adaline (2015) and A Simple Favor (2018), Lively gets to boast a much more raw and gritty performance as Stephanie Patrick, shedding her iconic curls for a series of more tactical cuts.


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The Rhythm Section-Blake Lively-2
Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) in The Rhythm Section (2020)

After hitting a snag in production due to a hand injury suffered by Blake Lively during filming, we are happy to know that The Rhythm Section has finally hit Regal theatres! To catch a sneak peak of the many faces of Blake Lively we’ll get to see in the movie, take a look at the trailer below. 




The Rhythm Section is now playing at Regal!

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