Jumanji: The Special Abilities Of Every Game Character In The Next Level

(left to right) Ming Fleetfloot (played by Awkwafina), Jefferson "Seaplane" McDonough (played by Nick Jonas), Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon (played by Jack Black), Ruby Roundhouse (played by Karen Gillan), Dr. Smolder Bravestone (played by Dwayne Johnson), and Franklin "Mouse" Finbar (played by Kevin Hart) standing in front of a snowy mountain in a promotional image for Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

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Jumanji: The Next Level gives the in-game characters some new abilities, so here's the full list of strengths and weaknesses for Dr. Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson) and friends. Once again directed by Jake Kasdan, the third Jumanji movie continues what has quickly proven to be a surprisingly lucrative reboot for SonyJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle arrived in theaters in late 2017 and had incredible legs at the box office; it nearly made $1 billion worldwide.

With a fresh reinvention of the Jumanji premise, Welcome to the Jungle is where audiences first got to see the new playable characters that existed in the Jumanji video game. The new characters were Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Franklin 'Mouse' Finbar (Kevin Hart), Shelly Oberon (Jack Black), Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan), and Seaplane McDonough (Nick Jonas). These avatars were inhabited by an unsuspecting group of high school students and learned while trapped in Jumanji that their characters had special abilities.

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The entire group of characters returns for Jumanji: The Next Level, but there are several differences this time around. One of the biggest differences comes with who inhabits each of the avatars, as only Martha (Morgan Turner) gets the same character again in Ruby Roundhouse. Even she is greeted with some surprises, as those stuck in Jumanji learn that each of the avatars now has even more strengths and weaknesses in Jumanji: The Next Level. Here's everything that the avatars can (and cannot) do - and which people get to play each avatar.


Dr. Smolder Bravestone

Jumanji The Next Level-Dwayne Johnson

The famous international explorer Doctor Xavier 'Smolder' Bravestone is the main hero in the Jumanji video game. As a result, he is fitted with a plethora of abilities. Just like in the first film, Bravestone once again has strengths like speed and climbing. His use of a boomerang is also a strength of his, while intangible abilities include his fearless mindset and a patented "Smoldering Intensity." He does not receive any new strengths for The Next Level, but the sequel does give Bravestone his first and only weakness: Switchblade. However, the switchblade is not referring to a small knife, but rather a man in the game known as Switchblade, who Bravestone has a romantic connection with his wife. Eddie (Danny DeVito) is originally the one to play Bravestone, but Spencer (Alex Wolff) eventually switches to be the avatar he had in Welcome to the Jungle.


Franklin 'Mouse' Finbar

Jumanji The Next Level-Kevin Hart

The trusty partner of Dr. Bravestone, Franklin Finbar once again fulfills the role of being a useful sidekick and wealth of knowledge. His strengths once again include Zoology and Weapons Valet, which allows him to explain the various animal threats that the group encounters and provide necessary weapons to fight the henchmen they meet. Finbar does have a new strength in The Next Level though, with Linguistics added to his abilities. This gives Finbar the ability not only understand different human languages but also communicate with animals. His weaknesses still include cake, speed, and strength, and he doesn't receive any new ones. Milo (Danny Glover) originally is given the Finbar avatar, but Fridge (Ser'Darius Blain) switches to the character in the end.

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Shelly Oberon

Jumanji The Next Level-Jack Black

The professor Shelly Oberon returns in The Next Level and is the character who receives the most changes in the sequel. Oberon's strengths in Cartography, Archeology, and Paleontology return for this new adventure, but he is given a new strength as well: Geometry. This new gift is put to use in a pivotal section of the new level. His weaknesses once again include endurance, but his new ones are especially troubling at first. Oberon's new weaknesses include heat, sun, and sand, which doesn't bode well during the desert section of The Next Level. Oberon is first the avatar for Fridge, but Martha momentarily inhabits the character for a time, before Bethany (Madison Iseman) takes back her avatar from Welcome to the Jungle.


Ruby Roundhouse

Jumanji The Next Level-Karen Gillan

Ruby Roundhouse aka "The Killer of Men" is once again a force to be reckoned with in The Next Level. Her expertise in combat returns with Karate, Tai'Chi, and Aikido used as strengths to go along with her unique Dance Fighting style. Not known for her use of weapons, the sequel does show that Ruby is now skilled with one. Nunchucks are added to her list of strengths for The Next Level, and she gets an opportunity to put this skill to use. Her lone weakness is venom, just as it was for Welcome to the Jungle. Martha predominantly plays Ruby in the movie, but Fridge momentarily switches places with her in the middle of the film.


Seaplane McDonough

Jumanji The Next Level-Nick Jonas

Seaplane McDonough doesn't have a large role in The Next Level, but he does join the group for the final act. Once he does appear though, Seaplane does not receive any known upgrades like the rest of the avatars. His strengths would then remain to be as a pilot and someone capable of making tasty margaritas. His weakness is still mosquitos, but the new level featured in the sequel is able to help eliminate that threat. Without any new skills specified, he does show a knack for solving puzzles. Alex Vreeke (Colin Hanks) is the only person to play Seaplane once again.


Ming Fleetfoot

Jumanji The Next Level-Awkwafina

Ming Fleetfoot (Awkwafina) is one of the new playable characters added to Jumanji in The Next Level. She presents an entirely new skillset to the players, as she is a skilled thief. Her strengths include Cat Burglar, Pickpocket, and Safe-Cracker. Ming is introduced in the movie during a successful pickpocket and puts these other skills to use in the finale. Her only weakness is pollen, but she never encounters any during the sequel. Spencer is originally the one to play Ming after not being able to select his avatar, but he and his grandpa Eddie switch roles at the end.



Jumanji The Next Level-Cyclone-horse

Another new avatar in Jumanji: The Next Level is Cyclone the horse. The movie never states what Cyclone's strengths or weaknesses are, but there is one clear skill that the horse possesses. As revealed in final act, Cyclone is no ordinary horse, and can sprout wings at will so he can fly. Bethany is the first person to get the horse avatar, but Milo switches to be the horse in the end.


Jurgen the Brutal

Jumanji The Next Level-Rory McCann

The villain of Jumanji: The Next Level, Jurgen the Brutal (Rory McCann) is a conqueror of Jumanji who is attempting to grow his empire in the sequel. His strengths include such abilities and qualities like ferocious, rage, leadership, beheading, and strength. He only has one weakness though, the Jumanji Berry. If he contacts the berry, he is not quite as formidable of an opponent and can be defeated.



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