IT CHAPTER TWO—The Derry Canal Days Festival and Fun House!

A vintage-style poster promoting The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse featuring Pennywise The Dancing Clown for It Chapter Two (2019)

Though IT Chapter Two doesn’t make its way into Regal until September 6th, all of you IT fans can experience life in Derry and meet Pennywise face-to-face at The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse being held in Hollywood! Reserved tickets for the event sold out in a matter of moments, but there is still a walk-up line available from now until September 8th. For those lovers of all things Pennywise who won’t be able to make it out (or those who just don’t have the courage to meet him in person), we floated on down to the haunted carnival to report on the horrors that everyone’s favorite interdimensional clown has in store. 

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To promote the first IT (2017), Warner Bros. Pictures took us through the run-down Neibolt house, but this year we will be transported to Derry, Maine to experience a micro version of the carnival that can be found in the trailer for IT Chapter Two. Upon entrance to the carnival, you will find a bounty of IT themed carnival games including a ring toss and a water gun balloon popping game— don’t worry, none of the balloons contained blood. 

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IT CHAPTER TWO_Festival Game

Around the grounds of the fair, you can find plenty of Instagram-worthy opportunities, including a spinning ferris wheel, creepy Pennywise-inspired poster art and, of course, lots of red balloons. But it is the main attraction that lures everyone in: the fun house. Sitting in the center of the carnival grounds is the 20-foot-tall, ghoulish clown face which serves as a threshold to the horrors within. Outside stands an eerily charismatic carnival barker ushering guests into the haunted fun house.


As you pass through the clown’s gaping maw, you are immediately transported into the world of hypnosis and hysteria that Pennywise has constructed. Once inside, you are faced with 10 separate rooms (that you may recognize from the trailers) full of jumps and scares. Make your way through a gauntlet of black lights and of swinging clowns and into the infamous hall of mirrors where you’ll get your first glimpse of Pennywise. You can also expect to go down into the Derry sewers, walk through Mrs. Kersh’s house, experience the haunting restaurant scene and hide out under the bleachers for a shocking end to your journey. 

Though we can offer you the layout, the only way to encounter all of the terror and surprises is to come down to the fun house yourself and fight your way past Pennywise and his horrific maze! 

IT CHAPTER TWO_Inside Funhouse

From beginning to end, the whole experience takes about 40 minutes. This includes the time it takes to play the carnival games and make your way through the fun house. The event is free and takes place in Los Angeles (on Hollywood Blvd. and Vine) from 2pm - 11pm, August 15th through September 8th. So head down to The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse to prepare for IT Chapter Two, coming to Regal September 5th! 

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