Indiana Jones 5 Casts Phoebe Waller-Bridge As Female Lead

Indiana Jones 5 casts Phoebe Waller-Bridge as its female lead. Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm back in 2012, there's been an influx of new Star Wars content, but things have been slow-moving with the studio's other popular franchise. Indiana Jones 5 was officially announced in 2016 and was at one point meant to premiere in 2019. However, due to a number of behind-the-scenes issues, the project's yet to come into fruition, being passed between several writers over the past handful of years. Eventually, James Mangold took over as Indiana Jones 5 director, replacing Steven Spielberg.

After experiencing a plethora of ups-and-downs, Indiana Jones 5 seems to have steadied and is on the right track. Mangold is working on the script, and the film has a 2022 release date locked down, which means production should be starting soon. As the movie gears up to commence principal photography, Indiana Jones 5 has its first new major casting addition.

Disney and Lucasfilm announced Phoebe Waller-Bridge has been cast as Indiana Jones 5's female lead, co-starring alongside Harrison Ford. Details about her character are being kept under wraps for the time being. The studio also confirmed John Williams will return to compose the film's score.


Indiana Jones


Waller-Bridge has a history with Lucasfilm, playing droid L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but she's better known for her work on the critically acclaimed series Fleabag, which earned her several awards. With Fleabag, Waller-Bridge made a name for herself as a creative and unique voice, so her involvement with Indiana Jones 5 is an exciting development. The series is known for its fun, adventurous tone that harkens back to the classic serials, so Waller-Bridge's sense of humor should be a great fit. She may even have input in the story, seeing that she helped fine-tune the No Time to Die screenplay. Of course, with Mangold at the helm, there's a chance Indiana Jones 5 attempts to mix up its approach, meaning it'll be interesting to see what he has in store for Waller-Bridge. This could be the first of a few Indiana Jones 5 casting additions, as the film still needs to round out its supporting ensemble. As for who Waller-Bridge could be playing, if she's the female lead, a plausible possibility is she's a younger archeologist teamed up with Indy on his latest quest.

Waller-Bridge and Williams coming aboard represent steps in the right direction for Indiana Jones 5, indicating the film's woes are behind it. After encountering multiple setbacks, Lucasfilm must feel confident in the project if they are coming out with these announcements. Of course, Indiana Jones 5 is looking to commence principal photography in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, which presents its own set of potential problems. Hopefully, everything goes smoothly in that regard, and Indiana Jones 5 doesn't have any more delays.

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