HUSTLERS—A Modern Day Robin Hood Story

(left to right) Destiny (Constance Wu), Reese (Frank Whaley), and Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) in Hustlers (2019)

Hustlers is finally here and promises to deliver everything we hope to see from the fast-paced, Jennifer Lopez-led, glamourous heist movie that we’ve all been waiting for! Based on the true story recorded in Jessica Pressler's 2015 New York magazine article titled "The Hustlers at Score,” the movie focuses on a group of New York strippers who are struggling to make ends meet during the 2007-08 financial crisis and decide to target their Wall Street clientele who they pin as being responsible for the recession in the first place. 

In this modern-day Robin Hood story, we follow these dancers as they steal from the rich and give to themselves, as they bring a well-deserved vengeance to the unsuspecting Wall Street boys that come into their club. Accompanying Lopez in her Band of Merry Women is Destiny (played by Crazy Rich Asians’ Constance Wu), Annabelle (Lili Reinhart), Elizabeth (Julia Stiles), Diamond (Cardi B), and Mercedes (Keke Palmer), to name a few. 

Annabelle (Lili Reinhardt), Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), Mercedes (Keke Palmer) and Destiny (Constance Wu) in Hustlers (2019)

From viewing the trailers, Hustlers proves to be more than just a satisfying revenge story but a movie about empowerment and the dedication to family. As the movie follows new dancer, Destiny—a single mother who takes up stripping to support her family—we get a look at the stark contrast between the lives of the white-collar crooks that run Wall Street and the those of the women who are committed to bringing them down. 

Hustlers appears to be the latest female-led revenge/heist movie to hit Regal in the last two years, accompanying 2018’s Ocean’s 8 along with this year’s release of The Hustle, starring Rebel Wilsonn and Anne Hathaway, and most recently The Kitchen, which starred Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, and Elisabeth Moss. Though the movie seems to fall in line with this theme, the tone of Hustlers is assured to have a different attitude and vigor, delivering a strong punch from this stacked cast. 

Hustlers-Jennifer Lopez
Ramona (Jennnifer Lopez) in Hustlers (2019)

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