Hotel Transylvania 4: What We Know


Sony has made three Hotel Transylvania movies starring Adam Sandler as Dracula, Mavis (Selena Gomez), Frankenstein (Kevin James), and werewolf Wayne (Steve Buscemi).  And now the team is working on a fourth film in the series.  Here's what we know right now.

1. It features the original creative team

Jennifer Kluska and Derek Drymon will be directing Hotel Transylvania 4. The former is a storyboard artist who worked on the second and third Hotel Transylvania movies, and How To Train Your Dragon, whereas the latter has worked on family hits including Aardman's Arthur Christmas and the third Kung Fu Panda movie.

The original director of the first three films, Genndy Tartakovsky, will still be involved in a screenwriter capacity. Regardless of these team shake-ups, it's surely good news for fans of the series that the original creatives are all involved. The first movie involved human traveler Jonathan (Andy Samberg) stumbling across Drac's wacky coven of monsters, whereas the second showed Dracula's hotel (castle, really) now open to human guests. As mentioned, the third film sent the bunch off on a madcap cruise holiday. How will they tweak the storyline this time?


2. Selena Gomez doubles up as star and producer

The effervescent star who voices Dracula's daughter (and Johnny's eventual wife) Mavis is getting more involved in the fourth movie. Not only does Gomez reprise her vocal role but she's also getting stuck in as an executive producer. Gomez recently produced indie rom-com hit The Broken Hearts Gallery, starring Blockers' Geraldine Viswanathan, and has been responsible for spearheading Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why. What's the betting that Hotel Transylvania 4 will showcase her musical chops?

There's been no official confirmation about other cast members returning. But one can't have a Hotel Transylvania movie without Adam Sandler's crotchety Dracula, not to mention his spooky yet endearing cohorts.

3. It's due for release in 2021

Circumstances might change. but Hotel Transylvania 4 is penciled in (according to Sony Pictures Animation) in August 2021. Here's hoping the pandemic won't drive a stake through those plans.

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