Gerard Butler Disaster Movie Greenland Theatrical Release Date Set For Late July

Production Still: Greenland with Gerard Butler

STXFilms set a release date for its new disaster movie Greenland starring Gerard Butler. Greenland joins a host of other movies getting ready for a summer release date pending the re-opening of movie theaters across the country.

According to The WrapGreenland's new release date of July 31 has it join a month full of other large movie releases such as Sony's The Broken Hearts Gallery, Christopher Nolan's Tenetand most notably Disney's release of the live-action MulanOriginally slated for release on June 19, Greenland is being directed by Ric Roman Waugh.

Gerard Butler is no stranger to action/disaster flicks, having starred as Mike Banning in the Fallen movie trilogy that saw him as the protector of the President of the United States following a series of politically motivated attacks. Butler will be reuniting with director Waugh who served as a director and screenwriter for Butler's most recent film, Angel Has Fallen, as well as David Buckley who provided the music for both films. In February 2019, Butler took the position of the movie's lead from Chris Evans when Waugh took the director position from Neill Blomkamp.

Production Still: Greenland. Meteor Impact on Earth

Greenland will see Butler star as John Garrity alongside Morena Baccarin as his estranged wife Allison and Roger Dale Floyd as their son, Nathan. They will also co-star alongside the likes of Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor, David Denman, and Gary Weeks. The movie will follow the Garrity family as a cataclysmic comet makes its way towards Earth, the fragments of which are leveling cities around the world. They will "experience the best and worst in humanity" while making their way to a group of bunkers located in Greenland - their only hope.

Source: The Wrap