GOOD BOYS—Sit Down With the Stars

(left to right) Keith L. Williams (Lucas) and Jacob Tremblay (Max) in the Regal Sit Down With the Stars thumbnail for Good Boys (2019)

From producer and comedy superstar Seth Rogan and the rest of the team that brought us Superbad (2007) and Sausage Party (2016), comes the latest chapter of the raunchy comedy epics! Following 12-year-old Max and his two best friends, we embark on a pre-coming-of-age adventure as they are invited to their first “kissing party.” In an effort to learn how to pucker-up, they use Max’s father’s drone to spy on the girls next door. When their plans go awry, they must fight to get back the drone from the clutches of these teen girls before his father finds out.

With our love of movies packed with laughs, ridiculous schemes, and foulmouthed preteens, we couldn't wait to find out as much as possible about the upcoming comedy adventure. Join Regal’s own Courtney Tezeno as she sits down with the cast and director of the upcoming comedy, Good Boys.

Good Boys_junket
(left to right) Keith L. Williams (Lucas), Jacob Tremblay (Max) and Brady Noon (Thor) for Good Boys (2019)

Courtney Tezeno: I have not laughed this hard all summer; this movie was so good! I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie yet because you’re underaged, but it was amazing. Talk to me about how your parents reacted to the scripts.

Jacob Tremblay (Max): They were just laughing the whole time. My parents are super supportive, but I definitely wanted to do it more than they did.

Keith L. Williams (Lucas): I was the other way around! My parents wanted to do it, and they were laughing the whole time they were reading the script, but I didn’t want to do it at all because of all of the cussing.

Courtney: So you don’t curse at all? Never cursed before?

Jacob: No!

Keith: No, except for in this movie and in other movies, but I haven’t cursed outside of a movie. 

Courtney: So you’re actual good boys?

Jacob: Yes! Yes.

Good Boys_Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, and Jacob Tremblay
(left to right) Keith L. Williams (Lucas), Brady Noon (Thor) and Jacob Tremblay (Max) in Good Boys (2019)

Courtney: This was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen all summer, but it was very inappropriate— in a good way though! Can you talk about how you guided these kids to do such adult content on set?  

Lee Eisenberg (Producer/Co-Writer): We had written the script ahead of time obviously, and all of the kids who got cast had read the script, their parents had read the script [ . . . ] and thankfully all of the parents were really on board and really cool. I can’t really think of a time during the making of the movie that this was really an issue. 

Courtney: Did any of the inspiration [for Good Boys] come from your real life experiences? 

Gene Stupnitsky (Director/Co-Writer): It’s more about the feeling in the world of being twelve and trying to figure out what everything means and talking to your friends. We also grew up at a time before the internet where it was much harder to get answers. 

Courtney: Well their imaginations have to be pretty wild to put the pieces together on what they are doing. Did you explain at any point, or did they ask questions about props or [what things] mean? 

Gene: No explaining! We had a real “no explaining” rule. We didn’t want to have “the talk” with them [ . . . ] but we would talk to them about anything else! 

Lee: The parents talked to them so much beforehand so it was, “when you’re in character you can say all the swear words, and when you’re out of character you have to be a good boy.” Ironically, they had to be good boys when they were out of character. 

Gene: Yeah, they never swore when they were not on camera. 

Good Boys_writer/directors at junket
Lee Eisenberg (Co-Writer/Producer) and Gene Stupnitsky (Director/Co-Writer) for Good Boys (2019)

Molly Gordon (Hannah): I would just say, “I don’t know, I don’t know what that is,” because I didn’t want them to have to look back on their lives and know that Molly Gordon had told them.

Courtney: Was there anything that was shocking, after the fact? If you asked someone, and they actually told you, did it shock you?  

Jacob: Yeah, if we ever really wanted to know that bad we would go to our parents, and if they thought we didn’t need to know it yet, they wouldn’t tell us.

Courtney: Did they give you an age on when you may find out?

Brady: They said “when you move out.”

Keith: We’re going to go into the world not knowing anything. 

[All laugh]

Brady Noon (Thor): Well, they would improvise things that we didn’t need to know, like the weapons—now we know that they are used for other things but we don’t know exactly what they’re used for. Our parents won’t tell us; everything is still a mystery . . .

Keith [to Brady]: You’re turning red.

Brady: It’s literally 80 degrees in here! It’s hot! 

Good Boys_Brady Noon, Jacob Tremblay, and Keith L. Williams
(left to right) Brady Noon (Thor) and Jacob Tremblay (Max) and Keith L. Williams (Lucas) in Good Boys (2019)

Courtney: So why should our Regal fans go see Good Boys? If they’re of age, of course! 

Lee: We always have felt that being twelve is such a funny age to mine for comedy, and the characters are so earnest and so innocent. And we just felt that we haven’t seen an R-rated comedy starring twelve-year-olds. You’ve seen so many coming-of-age movies that are PG or PG-13. You’ve seen all of the Superbad’s and the American Pie’s, but we’ve never seen this age, and we just wanted to explore that. 

Gene: If you like laughing you should go see it; I think you will laugh! If not, they can always walk out! 

[all laugh]

Make sure to get your tickets for this comedy that’s not as innocent as it looks! Good Boys is making its way to Regal on Friday, August 16th! 

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