Godzilla vs Kong opens in select Regal theatres April 2


Regal is thrilled to welcome guests back to the movies in April! Select theatres will be opening April 2, in time for Godzilla vs. Kong.  Additional theatres will be opening in the weeks to follow. 

Legendary and Warner Bros. launched the MonsterVerse in 2014 with the release of Godzilla and continued the franchise a few years later with Kong: Skull Island. Once both Gojira and King Kong had their solo films, Godzilla: King of the Monsters was used to lay the groundwork for them to collide. The two giant monsters will finally collide next week when Godzilla vs. Kong releases in select Regal theatres, including IMAX screens.

Ever since the movie was announced, fans have had two major questions about Godzilla and Kong's fight. Sides have been drawn in support of why each Titan should be the winner in the monster throwdown, and Godzilla vs. Kong has used its marketing to highlight examples of how each could get the better of the other. The other question that fans have debated is what draws Godzilla and Kong to battle after all these years. There have been theories that Godzilla is under the control of another force or actually Mechagodzilla in disguise. However, the latest Godzilla vs. Kong trailer paints a more clear picture as to why they fight.



If Godzilla vs. Kong's new trailer is accurately laying out why the two Titans fight, it will explain a lot about why the brawl is only happening now in the MonsterVerse. Kong has been secluded on Skull Island for decades, but Godzilla only re-emerged semi-recently. As evident by Godzilla: King of the Monsters' title, Gojira's last appearance definitively made him the king of the monsters. All of the other Titans nearby bowed to him and acknowledged Godzilla's place at the top. However, Kong was nowhere to be seen in the sequel and might only leave Skull Island now to challenge Godzilla's rule.

While the fight to be the true Alpha might be how Godzilla vs. Kong's plot kicks off, the movie very well could reveal that two Alphas are necessary. It is widely expected that Godzilla and Kong will have to work together at the end of the movie to take down a common enemy. Every leak and a few teases from the trailers point to Mechagodzilla being the foe that unites the two Alphas. Should Godzilla vs. Kong conclude with the two Titans on the same side, it will be fascinating to see where the MonsterVerse goes next, if it continues at all.

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