GEMINI MAN—Ang Lee's Revolutinary Visual Effects

Director Ang Lee lines up a shot of Will Smith (playing Henry Brogan) through his director's viewfinder in front of a colorful wall mural on set of Gemini Man (2019)

The latest movie from director Ang Lee, Gemini Man, is taking on a risk that most filmmakers would dare not face—to create a believable, photorealistic, CGI human being that co-stars alongside a true flesh-and-blood actor. Though this concept dates all the way back to 1985 in Young Sherlock Holmes and appeared in more recent movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) and even Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), directors and animators have never truly mastered the ability to replicate an entire computer-generated human for the duration of an entire movie. 

Over the course of his long and rewarding career, Ang Lee has never been one to shy away from a challenge in his moviemaking. With a wide variety of movie genres under his belt, he has pushed his art, as well as the movie industry as a whole, to new and exciting limits. Determining from the Gemini Man trailer released earlier this year, we can already see that he has set a new pace for CGI renderings in Hollywood. 

Gemini Man-Smith and Winstead
Will Smith (as Junior) and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Danny Zakarweski) for Gemini Man (2019)

In Gemini Man, we find an assassin named Henry (played by Will Smith) being hunted down by a much younger clone of himself, referred to as Junior (also played by Will Smith). And for the last two years, Lee and a team of roughly 500 visual effects specialists have been working around the clock to pull off a convincing replica of one of the world’s most recognizable faces as we haven’t seen him since the beginning of his career over 25 years ago. 

According to Gemini Man VFX supervisor Bill Westenhofer, the movie “has been a goal of visual effects for a long time.” “No matter how hard you imagine it is, it is still harder than you can imagine,” Lee added. “The familiarity we have [with] a human face is the most of all things we recognize.” Gemini Man has actually been in the works  since the late 1990’s, but was, understandably, pushed back due to the lack of technological development. Now that the technology is up to speed, we are fortunate enough to get to witness Lee’s genius as he brings us a never-before-seen attack on the world of CGI. 

Gemini Man-Will Smith
Will Smith (as Henry Brogan) and Ang Lee for Gemini Man (2019)

Can’t wait to see double? Skip the line and grab your tickets for Gemini Man before it hits Regal on October 11th, and witness the groundbreaking visual effects from director Ang Lee. 

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