FROZEN II—What We Can Expect

(left to right) A reindeer named Sven, Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff), Olaf the little snowman (voiced by Josh Gad), Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell), and her sister Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) stand side by side, some with mouths agape, as they look up in awe with a beautiful landscape at their back in Frozen II (2019)

We’ve endured 6 long winters since the release of the first Frozen (2013) movie, and the release of the long-awaited sequel is finally upon us. Frozen II sees Anna and Elsa heading north out of Arendelle on a mysterious quest to find the truth behind Elsa's abilities, bringing in a whole new cast of characters and taking them to strange new locations. 

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Frozen was one of the biggest animated movies to come out of Disney in some time. While Disney will frequently avoid making theatrical sequels to their animated movies, the fact that the movie got a ton of traction for flipping the classic Disney princess trope on its head and creating one of the most unforgettable ballads that echoed into eternity, Frozen was going to be the obvious exception. With the release date set for November 22nd, here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see from Disney’s Frozen II.

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Frozen II-magic
Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) in Frozen II (2019)

A More Mature Plot

Since Anna and Elsa’s big-screen debut in 2013, the two sisters who were first introduced to this world of magic have grown up quite a bit, and, a result, Frozen II looks to be a little bit more mature. With a wave of reviews from critics flooding social media, there seems to be a general agreement that the movie’s tone is much darker and more mature than the first movie. It sounds as though Frozen II directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, along with writer Allison Schroeder, made it their primary focus to evolve the sequel to keep up with the age group that were targeted in the original Frozen six years ago. Though the storyline may be on the darker side, it doesn’t let up on the magic.

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While the first movie established that the loving bond between Anna and Elsa was the secret to mastering Elsa’s magic, the sequel focuses primarily on why Elsa has these powers and where they came from. As the story continues, it sees the two sisters forced to go on a daring journey to the Enchanted Forest, just north of Arendelle, where they must discover the forgotten history of their nation. They'll face the truth that their own parents were concealing some dark secrets from them, and they will be faced with the opportunity to set matters straight.

Frozen II-landscape
(left to right) Sven, Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff), Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad), Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel), and Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) in Frozen II (2019)

Into the Unknown

Anna and Elsa’s quest will ultimately take them to a mysterious new location called Ahtohallan, but, rest assured, that along the way, these sisters (along with the irreplaceable Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven) will explore plenty of new locations. On their first stop, the group encounters four gigantic monoliths on the outskirts of the Enchanted Forest. Each monolith is marked with a symbol representing one of the four elements—air, earth, fire, and water—each of these shapes matching the patterns in Elsa's ice crystals. It is possible that each of the monoliths may hint at the arrival of additional elementals in the movie.

As they push through the barrier of mist just past the monoliths, they enter the Enchanted Forest, which contains sprawling views of an autumnal land bathed in sunlight—much like the stories they were told as children. But the quest for Ahtohallan takes a dark turn, leading Elsa to the Dark Sea, home of the powerful water spirit who serves as a barrier between Elsa and the mysterious plain. As shown in the trailer, Elsa attempts to cross the Dark Sea using her powers to combat the forces at be.

Frozen II-Iduna, Anna, and Elsa
(left to right) Young Anna (voiced by Hadley Gannaway), Iduna (voiced by Evan Rachel Wood), and Young Elsa (voiced by Mattea Conforti) in Frozen II (2019)

New Faces

Of course, we can plan on reuniting with the core characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff, but you can believe that we will be introduced to plenty of new characters and some new magical creatures that Anna and Elsa will meet on their journey through the Enchanted Forest. Firstly, we will get a closer look at Elsa’s family tree. Her parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, did make their debut in the first movie but only appeared on screen briefly. As she continues to seek the truth about the origin of her powers, we can expect to take a deeper look into her family’s past. 

As our heroes venture through the Enchanted Forest, they soon discover the Northuldra, a tribe who still live within the forest and are deeply connected to the environment as well as the spirits that dwell within. The leader of the tribe, Yelena, is extremely protective of her people, including Honeymaren, a fierce warrior and reindeer rider, and her brother, Ryder. These characters are sure to play a pivotal role in the success of our heroes, as well as Elsa’s connection to her powers.

Frozen II-Bruni
Bruni in Frozen II (2019)

And what would a good Disney movie be without a driving antithesis? Bring in Lieutenant Mattias, personal guard to King Agnarr, who has sworn to bring down the Northuldra tribe which he believes is responsible for an attack on the king some years ago. What’s more, Elsa faces some friction with some other spiritual entities, namely The Nokk, a water spirit that serves as a barrier between Elsa and the truth beyond the Dark Sea. We can also expect to meet a less-threatening face to the cast in the adorable Fire Spirit nicknamed "Bruni” who may give Olaf a run for his money.


Get ready for the return of some of our favorite Disney faces (and a few new ones) when the enchanted story continues in Frozen II, coming to Regal this Friday, November 22nd!

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