Halloween Director Reveals The Father Of Laurie Strode’s Daughter

Blumhouse officially reveals who the father of Laurie Strode's daughter was. Jamie Lee Curtis brought the character Laurie Strode to life back in 1978 when John Carpenter's Halloween hit theaters. In the first film, she was just a young babysitter looking after a few of the neighborhood kids, but the sequels eventually revealed her to be Michael Myers' sister before killing her off at the very beginning of Halloween: Resurrection.

Since most of the Halloween sequels were not well-received by fans or critics, many were thrilled to hear that David Gordon Green's Halloween would retcon all of the sequels and take place 40 years after the original film. In the last 40 years, Laurie grew up to become a paranoid survivalist, but also started a family, having a daughter named Karen, who even had a child of her own. Halloween gave Karen a brief backstory by explaining how she was taken away from her mother at the age of 12, but the identity of her father has remained a mystery.

Blumhouse recently posted on Twitter during their Halloween watch party to reveal who Karen's father is. In their tweet, the studio explains that Karen's father isn't an already established character in the Halloween universe, but rather a random guy Laurie hooked up with at a bar one night. Blumhouse's original response to the fan question can be seen below:


Some dude Laurie met at a bar. She doesn't even remember his name. https://twitter.com/matt_her_nandez/status/1261753820956131328 …

[email protected]_her_nandez

#HalloweenAtHome @missjudygreer @jamieleecurtis So... Who is Karen Strode’s father? 🤔


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The three generations of Strodes are confirmed to be returning for Halloween Kills this year, but the sequel will also be bringing back several characters from the original Halloween. After surviving the Halloween massacre in the late '70s, Lindsey Wallace is returning to the Halloween universe, with Kyle Richards reprising the role. Tommy Doyle is coming back as well but will be played by Anthony Michael Hall rather than Brian Andrews. Nurse Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens) and Sheriff Leigh Brackett (Charles Cypher) will also be making an appearance, but much like Tommy and Lindsey, it's unknown how big of a role they will have in Halloween Kills.

While one of the biggest mysteries from 2018's Halloween is solved, many might be disappointed with the answer. Several fans wanted Karen's father to be Ben Tramer, who was Laurie's crush in the original film. Laurie could have become romantically involved with Ben at some point since his death in Halloween II is no longer canon, but it makes more sense that Laurie wouldn't even know her daughter's father's name. Laurie was shown to have a bit of a drinking problem as she struggled to cope with her past trauma, so this anticlimactic answer to Karen's parentage fits Laurie's character quite well.

Source: Blumhouse

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