F9's New Trailer Hints That Dom's Brother Will Be Redeemed


A new trailer for Fast and Furious 9 hints that Dominic Toretto's brother, Jakob, can still be redeemed. The ninth installment of the main The Fast Saga will see Dom going up against his and Mia's estranged brother. Not much is known about what really happened between them to cause their falling out, but one thing is for sure: Jakob seems hell-bent on enacting his revenge.

Going up against his own family is already tricky in itself, but what makes Jakob more dangerous is that he's backed up by Cipher — the primary antagonist of Fate of the Furious who's a master tactician and a capable cyberterrorist. It's currently unclear how Dom's brother connected with her, but it's not outside the realm of possibility that she sought him out. As seen in her initial The Fast Saga appearance, she tends to take advantage of her adversary's pain points, hence why she kidnapped Elena and her secret son with Dom. This allowed Cipher to briefly control the franchise's hero until his allies discovered what's really going on and helped him get away from her clutches.

Given this, it's not outside the realm of possibility that Cipher is also motivating Jakob to go hard on Dom. While there's already animosity between the brothers, she might be further riling up Jakob, making him obsessed more than ever to seek revenge. After all, it's clear that Jakob's grudge originated from being abandoned by his big brother. As seen in the F9 trailer, Cipher asks Jakob if he can kill Dom, which notably doesn't get an answer. Considering that much of the film's marketing features intense match-ups between the pair, not to mention Jakob's menacing threat about having Dom pay for turning his back on him, it's odd that the clip doesn't end with him replying positively to the daring question. If anything, this would've been a perfect opportunity for Jakob to say something cool and villainous.

Amidst its flashy action sequences, The Fast Saga is also known for family being its core theme. Following a two-decade run, this is the first time that the elder Toretto is going up against his own flesh and blood, which makes Dom's upcoming fight with Jakob uniquely interesting. It's also the reason why forgiveness between the brothers is not outside the realm of possibility. For what it's worth, Dom appears to have made some error in judgment here and Jakob is justifiably mad at him. So while he's usually aggressive when dealing with his adversaries, he's been mostly mum about going up against Jakob. Previous F9 trailers hinted that he's actually remorseful of what happened between them, and perhaps if he can just reach out to Jakob and eliminate Cipher in his ear, his brother will turn around and make amends with him.

In a practical sense, having John Cena signed up for Fast and Furious 9 only to kill him in the same film seems like a waste. With only three films left in The Fast Saga, it's more possible to see him join Vin Diesel and maybe even The Rock for a team-up as they go up against Cipher who seems like the overall antagonist of the franchise given her connections to past villains. Before that, however, Dom will have to convince his baby brother that he's genuinely remorseful for what he did to him.

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