Every New Character In Frozen 2

A photo-shopped image depicting some of the new characters from Frozen II (2019) in vertical rectangles featuring (left to right) Yelana (voiced by Martha Plimpton), Nokk (the magic water horse spirit), Mattias (voiced by Sterling K. Brown), and Queen Iduna (voiced by Evan Rachel Wood)

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Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff journey to the Enchanted Forest in Frozen 2 - and their trek will introduce audiences to several new characters. It's been six years since Frozen became an unexpected animated sensation, and the children who fell in love with the Disney Princesses have matured. As a result, the sequel promises to have grown up a little with them.

The first Frozen film was tightly focused upon Anna and Elsa, the two sisters whose love for one another proved to be the secret to mastering magic. The sequel continues their story, but it's as much about the world they live in. It sees the two sisters forced to go on a quest to an Enchanted Forest hidden North of Arendelle, where they must discover the forgotten history of their nation. They'll learn that their own parents were concealing some harsh truths from them, but fortunately they'll have the opportunity to put matters right.

The Frozen 2 trailers deliberately avoid revealing too much about the plot. Details are emerging as a result of Frozen 2 merchandise, though, that's been released ahead of Christmas. Including only mild spoilers, here's your guide to all the key characters - and some brand new magical creatures - that Anna and Elsa will meet on their journey through the Enchanted Forest


Frozen II-family

Elsa and Anna's parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, technically appeared in the first film - but only briefly. Frozen 2 will flesh out their characters, helping explain just why they were so reluctant to encourage Elsa to embrace her powers. King Agnarr's own father, Runeard, was a stern man who distrusted magic. Tragically, Runeard was killed in a brutal forest battle with the magic-wielding Northuldra, and his 14-year-old son barely escaped. Agnarr was rescued by a mysterious savior, and he returned home forever scarred by what had happened in the Enchanted Forest.

Unlike her husband, Queen Iduna didn't come from royalty, but rather from far more humble beginnings. She always sought to ensure her daughters felt safe, even if that meant keeping the past hidden from them. In secret, she sought ways to help them, and her people, heal their world.


Frozen II-Yelana

The Enchanted Forest has been closed off for decades, but the mists protecting it part before Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff. They soon discover the Northuldra, a tribe who still live inside the Enchanted Forest and who are deeply connected to the environment and the spirits of the natural world. Yelena is their leader, who is initially furious with Elsa for awakening the spirits by her presence. She's fiercely protective of her people, and unable to understand why an Arendellian would be gifted with a magical power when she thought they hated magic. She's convinced that the Arendellians were the ones who initiated the conflict all those years ago, earning the displeasure of the spirits.


Frozen II-Northuldra tribe

Honeymaren and Ryder Nattura are two of the most important members of the Northuldra. Honeymaren is a brave warrior, expert tree climber, and reindeer rider. At first, Honeymaren is wary of Anna and Elsa, but she thaws to them when she recognizes a lullaby Elsa is singing. She points out the symbols of nature on Elsa's scarf, which was a gift from Queen Iduna, and notices a mysterious fifth symbol.

Her brother, Ryder, is much less wary, and he swiftly bonds with Kristoff because of their shared appreciation for reindeer. He's a dreamer who grew up hearing legends of the blue skies, mountains, and plains beyond the Enchanted Forest, and he's eager to explore them. Ryder and Kristoff prove to be formidable allies when magic threatens the reindeer herd.


Frozen II-Mattias

Lieutenant Mattias was King Agnarr's personal guard, and he's been stranded in the Enchanted Forest since the mists fell 34 years ago. He had no idea what happened to the king the day of the battle, and is thrilled to learn that Agnarr made it out alive. Mattias firmly believes the Northuldra were the aggressors all those years ago, and to this day he's been unable to forgive them. Anna recognizes Mattias from his portrait, which hangs in the library inside the Arendelle Castle.


Frozen II-Nokk

The spirits are awakening in the Enchanted Forest, with different entities representing each of the four elements. The most prominent is the Nokk, a mysterious and mischievous force that attacks Elsa in the Dark Sea. The Nokk originates in Germanic legends, and it's known as a siren, luring people to their deaths. The Fire Spirit, a creature nicknamed "Bruni", leaves a burning trail as it runs through the forest - until Elsa catches it, and calms it down. The Wind Spirit, which Olaf cheekily names "Gale", is an unpredictable and playful force. It can move water and ice to replay moments from the past, making it an effective way of "showing, not telling" the secrets of yesterday. The most curious creatures of the Enchanted Forest are the Earth Giants, which sleep by day and roam through the north at night. They can be mistaken for mountains when they're asleep, but when they awaken they hunt magic.


Frozen II comes to Regal this Friday, November 22nd.

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