Downton Abbey—Set Visit

Some of the cast of Downton Abbey (2019) outside the abbey next to a car.

For all of you Downton Abbey fans, we are entirely sure the arrival of the big screen adaptation of the iconic show cannot come soon enough. In an effort to hold you over, we sent Regal correspondent Matthew Hoffman down to Yorkshire to visit the Abbey itself and sit down with the cast of the upcoming movie to get some of the latest news on what went into the creation of Downton Abbey and how it felt for the cast of the movie to make their way back to set. So join us our set visit to Downton Abbey before it hits Regal theatres on September 20th!

Downton Abbey-set visit-1
Matthew Hoffman and Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith Crawley)

Matthew Hoffman: There is no way to play this cool—I am in Downton Abbey with you on the set while you are filming this movie! Can you believe that you are back? What does it feel like to come home? 

Elizabeth McGovern (Lady Cora Crawley): To me the most surprising thing of all was how easily we all slipped back into the old rituals and being in the house and being a family. 

Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith Crawley): It has been so great. We’ve all love it. It kind of feels like we never left, in one way. It’s back to work. Business as usual. But it honestly feels like a celebration. It’s really nice to kind of have a break—it’s been about three years off, now, and we all got together to make this movie which has been so fun. 

Matthew: Did you think it was going to happen?

Laura: We hoped so, you know, you never know, and it is like herding cats or something—trying to get this many actors back together for a set amount of time. So it did take some time, but we were all keen, we all wanted to do it if we could. So it’s been great.

Matthew: This movie is a love letter for the fans. I’ve been traipsing around the set trying to find a script in the trashcan and it’s not happening. So what can you tell me that I can bring back to the fans. Share with me something about this movie! 

Laura: Well it feels like a celebration of these characters that we know and love. That’s how I feel, and I’m in it. Seeing everyone reprise their roles has been a real joy. It takes place over a kind of long weekend where something very special happens with the family—that’s all I can tell you—but it’s glamorous and exciting and warm and cozy and all of the things I think fans love about the show, and we’ll get to see it all on the big screen.  

Elizabeth: I think the reason I wanted to do it is because I appreciate [the fans]. I appreciated how much it meant to people: our stories, what we created, the family that they got to know, both families upstairs and downstairs. This is for them. Let’s all celebrate this again! It’s shot in a very loving way toward the characters as far as I can tell. It’s got a kind of nostalgic lens on. So it’s for them. It’s for us to celebrate what we shared, really. I do feel like we shared it with the people that loved us because that’s what keeps you going, and it’s really important and I’ll never make light of that because it really means a lot.  

Downton Abbey-The Crawleys
(left to right) Lady Edith Crawley (Laura Carmichael), George Crawley (Oliver Barker), Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville), and Lady Cora Crawley (Elizabeth McGovern) in Downton Abbey (2019)

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