Come Play Horror Movie Release Date Delayed From July To October 2020

Production Still from Come Play

Come Play movie release date is delayed three months to October 2020. It joins a list of other delayed horror releases for the fall, including Halloween Kills, A Quiet Place II, and The Conjuring 3. Produced by Amblin Partners (The Turning), Alex Heineman, and Andrew Rona, and based off the short film Larry written and directed by Jacob Chase, Come Play is described by Focus Features as "a terrifying new vision in horror."

Focus Features announced its upcoming horror movie Come Play will release domestically in the US the night before Halloween on October 30, three months later than its original date of July 24. The movie follows the story of Oliver (played by Azhy Robertson from Marriage Story), a lonely young boy disconnected from the rest of the world, finding friendship in his cell phone and tablet. When he gets contacted by a strange creature on the other side trying to break through into his world, he loses control of the devices that he carries with him everywhere, and his parents (played by Gillian Jacobs from NBC's Community and John Gallagher Jr. from HBO's The Newsroom) must save him from "the monster behind the screen."

Amblin Partners, which failed to find a hit in the horror genre with The Turning earlier this year, nevertheless produced award-winning suspense films like 1917and they've found continued financial success with the Jurassic World sequel franchise to the original Jurassic Park trilogy. It remains to be seen if they can scare audiences into coming back to the movie theaters with Come Play, but hopefully, by Halloween more people will be in the mood to enjoy some onscreen horror from the safety and comfort of their theater seat.