Colin Trevorrow's Son Is Making A Tenet Fan Film

John David Washington in Tenet - Comic-Con@Home.

Director Colin Trevorrow's son is making a fan fiction film based on Tenet. The plot of the upcoming movie from Christopher Nolan is still largely a mystery at this point. However, Nolan has revealed it isn't a time-travel movie like some of his other films. Instead, it will focus on espionage as John David Washington's character tries to stop World War III. The movie stars several other big names as well, including Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh. Despite the exciting cast and intriguing plot teases, Tenet's release date has arguably become what moviegoers are most curious about.

As the coronavirus picked up steam in the United States this spring, many saw Tenet as a benchmark for when movie theaters may be able to reopen again. It was initially supposed to come out this month, which, at one point, seemed like a viable option. However, with the pandemic far from over, Tenet's release has since been delayed multiple times. Last week, it was finally pulled off the schedule temporarily, as Warner Bros. worked out a new strategy for the film. Just today, that strategy was revealed, with WB opening Tenet in 70 countries on August 26 before moving to select U.S. cities over Labor Day weekend.

Luckily, one fan has found something to occupy his time during the wait for Tenet. Appearing on Collider's Directors on Directing panel at this past weekend's [email protected], Trevorrow revealed his son is making a Tenet fan fiction film:

My son is currently making Tenet fan fiction based on only the trailer. He has no idea what happens in the movie, but he's so fired up that he's making a film set in the world of Tenet based on his interpretation of what happens in that world.

John David Washington in Tenet.

Trevorrow, who's currently working on Jurassic World: Dominion, clearly passed his love of storytelling and filmmaking onto his son. Though fan fiction and fan films have been a part of Internet culture for a long time now, what Trevorrow's son is doing is especially impressive. So far, there has been very little footage of Tenet made available, so even understanding the world of the film at this point is a feat.

However, in a way, the mystery of it may help. With the film not yet available, much of its world remains unknown, which leaves it ripe for fan interpretation. As Trevorrow calls his son's work both a fan fiction and a film at different times, it's hard to know if it's a full-blown filmed project or a script. Either way, it shows the impact Tenet has had on movie fans, even before its release.

Source: Comic-Con International

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