Barbie's Dream World Comes Alive in the Vibrant First Trailer

Barbie driving with Ken in the backseat in movie Barbie
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The long-awaited and much-anticipated Barbie movie is finally on the horizon, with the talented Greta Gerwig at the helm and the stunning Margot Robbie stepping into Barbie's iconic pink heels. Fans got an extended look at the movie when the first official trailer dropped on Monday, in which the Oscar-nominated actress Robbie proves she’s the perfect choice to don the pink and take on this iconic character.

"Welcome to BARBIE LAND, did you bring your rollerblades?" the official Barbie movie account tweeted, along with the trailer itself, which quickly amassed thousands of likes and retweets. 

Set to the Beach Boys’ rousing “Fun Fun Fun”, the two-minute trailer  introduces Robbie herself as the legendary doll as she makes her way down a beach lined with pastel pink chairs. 

"Hi, Barbie!" Ken (Ryan Gosling) calls out, as Barbie responds cheerfully, "Hi, Ken!"

Hilariously, everyone in this doll world is also named Barbie, each with different looks and professions. That includes mermaid Barbie Dua Lipa, president Barbie Issa Rae, and (for some reason) perma-splits Barbie, Kate McKinnon. There are also plenty of Kens too (and an Allan, played by Michael Cera), but there's one constant in this dream world: they all seem to get along great. Except for the Kens, of course – there’s some definite competition going on there. 

The Barbies and Kens of the doll world must grapple with what humans do when they jump over to the "Real World", where they’ll meet a whole host of folks like Will Ferrell, Connor Swindells, and Jamie Demetriou. All this, and Helen Mirren is the narrator!

Set in the vibrant and colorful world of Barbie, the film promises to be a visual treat. From her iconic Dreamhouse to the vast array of fashion ensembles that have defined Barbie's style throughout the years, audiences can look forward to a feast for the eyes as they enter this enchanting universe.

It looks to be a total blast, and that’s due in part to Gerwig, who has already proven her directorial prowess with critically acclaimed films like Lady Bird. As the first woman to direct a Barbie movie, she’ll have the unique opportunity to mold the narrative, and as she’s proven in the past, she knows how to give audiences a good time. 

In a time where strong female characters are taking center stage and audiences crave stories that inspire and uplift, the Barbie movie is set to make waves, both in the world of cinema and beyond. So, get ready to join Barbie on her latest adventure when the pink carpet is rolled out this summer. 

Barbie premieres in theatres on July 21st! See it at Regal. 

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