Avatar 3 Photo Shows Michelle Yeoh and James Cameron On Set


A new behind-the-scenes shot from the production of Avatar 3 shows Michelle Yeoh giving director James Cameron a hard time between takes. Yeoh was cast in the Avatar sequels as human scientist Dr. Karina Mogue back in 2019 but hasn't been seen in any behind-the-scenes images or footage as yet. Production on the sequels has been ongoing in New Zealand, barring a COVID-enforced break and Los Angeles for the past few years. It is set to continue for some time yet as Cameron attempts to shoot the first two back-to-back, followed by simultaneous production on Avatar 4 and Avatar 5.

Production has been so confusing that Kate Winslet says she couldn't tell Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 apart while filming. Hopefully, Cameron has more of a handle on things, as the undertaking seems to be one of the most extensive attempts in cinema history. Cameron uses virtual production techniques pioneered by The Mandalorian team and pushed forward underwater shooting styles to adequately capture the undersea sequences he needs for Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. Now, a new behind-the-scenes shot confirms Yeoh was recently on set shooting for Avatar 3.

Posted by Avatar franchise producer Jon Landau, who has collaborated with Cameron for the past three decades, the image shows Yeoh and Cameron fooling around between set-ups on set. Flanked by production staff and returning cast member Giovanni Ribisi, Yeoh and Cameron can be seen playfully fighting each other, referencing Yeoh's long career as a martial arts movie star. The image shows that while the production of the Avatar sequels is massive, there's also time to have some fun. You can see Landau's post below:



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Given that Yeoh is playing a scientist, there's little reason to believe she'll be putting her considerable martial arts movie experience on display in Avatar 3. Still, this image is a hint that it's a possibility. Beyond that, it's clear she and Ribisi's conflicted Parker Selfridge, who played a significant role in the first Avatar, share at least one scene in the sequels. There is little else to go on, as far as Yeoh's scientist is concerned, but don't be surprised if she falls on the wrong side of the human equation.

What else is unclear is just how recent this image is. Cameron said last year that Avatar 3 has almost finished filming, so it could be a throwback of sorts, though, of course, with Cameron, productions do tend to run on for months. Whether it's more recent or from last year, though, there's no doubt Yeoh had a good time on set, boding well for the finished product, as happy sets tend to produce better movies.

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