Encanto Teaser Reveals First Look At Disney’s Next Animated Movie


Disney Animation confirmed that its next film would be Encanto. The film releases in the Fall of 2021 and is Disney's first animated movie set in Colombia. Encanto follows a "magical family" who lives in a "magical home." The upcoming animated feature was written and directed by Charise Castro Smith and directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush, who co-directed Zootopia. The animated film appears to be yet another movie musical featuring songs composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Disney gave a sneak peek of the film's animation style and setting, along with some of its music.



While the first official look at Encanto may have been short, a bit can be inferred from it. At the beginning of the trailer, a butterfly emerges from the flowers and flies toward the magical house. Additionally, at the end of the trailer, a kaleidoscope of butterflies fly across the screen to transition to the film's title. Butterflies will likely be a symbol and represent an important motif throughout the film. Additionally, viewers get their first glimpse of the magical house. The doors of the home appear to open on their own as the butterfly flies toward it.

Disney has been making a commendable effort to bring more diversity to their films. In its Pixar division, Coco took place in Mexico, and its upcoming film Soul focuses on a black protagonist and jazz which originated in America in African-American communities. Disney animated films have also been striving for diversity in the past decade. Princess and the Frog starred Disney's first black princess and featured Haitian culture. Moana featured a Polynesian protagonist. However, Encanto will be the first Latinx Disney animated film, which has been long overdue.