A Quiet Place 3 Spinoff Gets 2022 Release

AQP3 movie gets 2022 release

A Quiet Place spinoff movie is in the works and recently received a 2022 release date. Premiering in 2018, the original A Quiet Place became a massive critical and commercial hit, earning numerous accolades and $340.9 million at the worldwide box office. Notable for its performances and use of sound, A Quiet Place established John Krasinski as a talented director and quickly emerged as a new franchise for Paramount. The studio wasted no time in putting a follow-up together, enlisting Krasinski to helm again.

Originally scheduled to come out this past spring, A Quiet Place Part II has been delayed to April 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the extended wait for the anticipated sequel, the creative team isn't slowing down with regard to developing more installments. While A Quiet Place 3 has yet to be greenlit, Krasinski does have ideas in mind. In the meantime, A Quiet Place is going to expand by getting a spinoff film.

According to Deadline, Jeff Nichols has been hired to write and direct a new film in the Quiet Place universe. It will release at some point in 2022, though a specific date hasn't been determined yet. Plot details are under lock and key, but it is known that this film's story is based on "an original idea" from Krasinski.

Previously, Krasinski suggested A Quiet Place Part II could focus on other survivors trying to get by in the post-apocalyptic world. That didn't come to pass, as the sequel stars Emily Blunt reprising her role as Evelyn Abbott, but this new movie could be an outlet to explore other stories. Since the report doesn't refer to Nichols' project as A Quiet Place 3, it's reasonable to assume it could be some sort of spinoff, perhaps following a different set of characters. Beyond the narrative possibilities, it's easy to see why this film would be appealing for Paramount from a business perspective. The studio is desperate for some reliable franchises, and as the entertainment industry looks to rebound following a pandemic-affected 2020, a new installment in an existing property sounds like a safe bet. Odds are, this Quiet Place spinoff will do well.

This will be the most high-profile feature for Nichols, who's best-known for smaller dramas like Mud and Midnight Special. All of his previous movies were well-received, so it'll be interesting to see what he can come up with in the Quiet Place sandbox. The fact Krasinski sparked the idea is encouraging, given his connection to the franchise. He's clearly passionate about the series, and by all accounts A Quiet Place Part II is a bigger and satisfying sequel. He seems to understand what does and doesn't work with horror sequels, so hopefully he gave Nichols a strong foundation to build something compelling and memorable.

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