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Goofs from Wonder

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  • In scenes that take place in the month of February, there are green leaves on the trees. The film takes place in New York.
  • The Wizard of Oz is being shown in the wrong aspect ratio; it is shown filling the entirety of a widescreen. This would not be possible without cropping the image or stretching/distorting it.
  • In preparation for his graduation, Owen Wilson's character knots Auggie's tie with a simple knot, but when we see him later at the ceremony, the tie knot is the more elaborate Windsor Knot.
  • In the New Year's scene after the countdown, when you see Isabel with her laptop the time shown on it is 10:00 pm. It should be 12:00 am.
  • When Auggie gets off the bus after the trip to the nature preserve and is with his Mom; a blonde Mom in the background to the left is seen walking behind them from the same spot twice.
  • In science class, Ms. Petosa supposedly demonstrates the refraction of light through water by showing the word "now" behind a clear cylinder of water, and it becomes "won." However, this scene must have been doctored, because in reality the "n" would be backwards when it's refracted.
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